July 4th 2013 Recap

Backtracking a bit. I have another baby Carson update coming up but I wanted to first share our very last holiday as a family of three, with our girl.
We had a very nice day. First, we started out at an Independence Day parade. It was HOT so my girl and I sat in the car A.C until the parade started. Luckily we sat right by my SUV. We went to the parade with Joe's family. His sister was on one of the floats with her co-workers.

After the Parade we came home for nap time. All three of us got some good Zzzzz's in.
Then we went out to dinner.

After a quick stop home because we wanted to wait for the weather to cool down a bit, we headed out to the high school football field for the city fireworks. Finley LOVED them. We sat on a big blanket on the football field. There was lots going on all around...live music, kids playing, in-line plane's flying above. Pretty cool. Here are some shots from the show. The lighting was way off with the flash.

and for memories...here's my girl on her very first July 4th, two years ago.  She was only about six weeks old. Gahhhh, where has the time gone!?

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