Induction in Six Days | Complications Update

I've had many Dr visits since my last update post. There really has been so much going on. Last week we thought that Carson might have to come immediately. He barely passed the his non-stress test but then went on to pass after I drank some juice. My blood pressure is still high, despite the meds but he does continue to pass his non-stress tests, thankfully. His growth, not so good. After dropping down to the 17th percentile last week, he went down to the 13th at our MFM visit yesterday. I was convinced Dr A was going to tell Dr C to set my induction for today but thankfully she gave us one more week. She wants me to get to 37 weeks since he's so small but after that he will thrive better outside of my belly. There are just so many risks the farther along I go with all of the blood pressure and placenta issues. The older the placenta gets, the more risky things become for Carson. The growth issues are showing that things are already not optimal in there and we just don't want to risk it once he gets to term. If he isn't growing, there's really no use in baking too much longer once we get him to a point that he will hopefully be able to breathe and eat fine.

Yesterday he was measuring at only 5lb 1oz. Ten days prior the estimate was 4lb 13oz. I hope for him to pack the ounces on a little faster this last week. I know that these scans can be quite off, as they were with Finley. She was considerably bigger than the estimate. They said she would be less than 6lbs and she was 6lb 4oz. Lets hope the same happens with Carson. Just keeping our fingers crossed that our boy can go home with us with no issues or NICU time.

My cerclage stitch removal was on Tuesday. Dr C wanted it out before my visit on Wednesday with Dr A in case they made a decision to induce me today. I dreaded that removal since the day the stitches (I had two) were placed. Last time was quite painful. I mentally prepared myself for it. I even told Joe I wanted to go alone as to not rely on anyone else for outside comfort. My plan was to be in the zone, breathe through it. I have to say, this time wasn't nearly as bad! Uncomfortable, yes, but definitely not painful. Maybe it's because I was prepared for it and had built it up to be so bad. I breathed a BIG sigh of relief once both stitches were out. I didn't make a peep during removal. Dr C asked me if I was ok. lol. I was. Immediately upon removal I was 80% effaced, 2cm dilated and Carson was at a station -1. She could feel his head.  Dr C said that technically I could go into labor anytime now but I'm not betting on it since I didn't with Finley until my induction, (also for high BP) one week after removal. I am so thankful that my cerclage did it's job yet again.

So as of now, here we are. Set to become a family of four on July 24th, 2013!
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