A Baby in 15 Days?!

Yep, things still aren't smooth sailing. Yesterday at the specialist my blood pressure wasn't good, like usual these days. The real concern is that it's obviously causing growth issues with Carson. He is now down to the 17th percentile, from 31% just over 2 weeks ago :( My MFM is mainly concerned about a placenta abruption and that he isn't getting what he should be. I was told that I will be delivering at 37 weeks, somewhere around July 24th-26th, due to the concerns with the placenta. The farther along I get the more risky an abruption is with this yo-yo'ing BP. I was sent to the hospital for MORE monitoring on Carson. He still looks good, despite the growth stuff. He moved a lot and his heart rate was excellent.

I was put on meds for the remainder of my pregnancy, a beta blocker for the blood pressure. Upon resting on my side the BP went down a bit, like always. I was cleared to leave after five long hours. I was starving and my Dad and Finley had gone with me to the visit. Fun funnnn. The nurses thought I would be staying but I let them know from the get go that wasn't going to happen. I've done this before. This BP stuff during pregnancy is all too familiar. The part that makes me sad is that Dr. A said that going by measurements, Carson is going to be less than 6lbs, even at 37 weeks :( I know scans can be off so I'm really hoping his are and that he weighs more. I just really want for him to avoid NICU time. I know that many babies born in the upper 5lb range get to go home right away but our hospital does a mandatory NICU monitoring period for smaller babies. It's 8 hours! That is such a long time to have our new baby away from us. I know it's all for precaution etc etc but I'm just going to cross my fingers that we won't have to worry about that. Nursing is important to me and I want to be able to do it right off the bat. I know we are very lucky to have made it this far considering everything but I just want for our boy to be with his Mama and Daddy right when he is born. They said that Finley was also going to be less than 6lbs and they were wrong. She was 6lb 4oz at birth. Hopefully baby brother follows in his big sister's foot steps.

I get my cerclage (cervix) stitch removed in a week! My induction will be in approximately 15 days. I'd love to wait until after that following weekend and buy a few extra days but I'm thinking once 37 hits, our time is up :-/

Hopefully everything birth wise goes as fast and easy as last time.

Some pictures from yesterday.  Carson and the queen at her brother's monitoring at the hospital. Can you tell our nurse spoiled her??

Here is my most recent bump shot. Taken on July 4th at 34 weeks.

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