Complications update

Today was my appointment with Dr. A, our MFM specialist. I went in discouraged expecting to be sent to the hospital for more monitoring. My blood pressure was still high, 140/92. Not quite as high as last Friday. I've also been checking it at home and it stays at or below that mostly. The placenta resistance stayed about the same and Carson is still growing. He's now at 3lbs 11oz. Dr. A seemed a little more relaxed this time. She commented "Well, it's about the same. Maybe it's just you. Keep doing what you're doing". It was such a relief getting some "good" news. This is kind of how I felt too. Things are on the same path as they were with my pregnancy with Finley. My blood pressure didn't get super crazy then until around 37 weeks but started creeping up at 26. There was no mention of placenta stuff but her growth percentile was smaller than Carson's. I'm glad that things are leveling out for now and that he gets some more time to bake. I go to my regular OB in eight days and then back for another ultrasound with the specialist in 2 1/2 weeks. I definitely don't see us making it past 37 weeks with all the blood pressure and placenta stuff but I'll be happy to make it to that point, or even 36. The goal is to take our healthy boy home with us. I'm 32 weeks today. Five weeks to full term!

We stopped for cupcakes on the way home :)
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