Bump in the Road

I've been so busy lately and a bit of a slacker here. My shower was last Sunday so that will be my next entry. I'm going to skip ahead a little to the events from yesterday, the 14th.

Back story: As known in previous posts, Finley came at 37 weeks by induction due to my super high blood pressure. It's been slowly creeping up this pregnancy but goes down when I relax on my side.

First appointment at my OB yesterday morning: BP was high and went down when I was on my side. Okay, see you in two weeks. Off to the MFM specialist. Blood pressure was of course high again and the ultrasound showed increased placental resistance, basically caused by my blood pressure going up and down making flow more difficult. Carson's growth is still fine though. He's estimated at 3lbs 8oz and in the 37th percentile, down from the 42nd three weeks ago. While his growth has slowed a bit it's not alarming , yet. They sent me to the hospital for monitoring of my blood pressure, non-stress testing for baby C and some labs. They also wanted me to get steroid injections for his lung development. That concerned me since I know those usually mean baby is coming soon! I asked Dr. A how much longer we would have. She said "probably three weeks". 

By this point I'm fighting back tears. It was like deja vu from the day I found out about my short cervix issues with Finley. I couldn't think straight. At least at this point we are much farther along though. Twenty weeks then vs. over thirty-one now. Joe was at work and as I was setting up my next appointment when I text him to give the heads up "calling you in a few". Of course he called as I was still in the hallway of the building. I wanted to find a more private place to tell him everything but I just let it all out while trying to hide from everyone walking by. I must have looked pitiful, ugly crying. In the hallway. He said he was leaving work and coming but I told him that I would be fine. There really wasn't a point. I pulled myself together and hopped on the shuttle over to the hospital.

At the hospital Carson was moving up a storm and doing great on the monitors. My blood pressure also dropped to a normal number after resting on my side, like usual. When I told the nurse about the three-weeks my MFM quoted she seemed very reassuring. She called my OB and let her know how everything went after the blood work came back all clear and there was no protein or liver function issues. My OB gave orders for me to stop working (I work 2 days a week). I'm to stay off my feet as much as possible. 

I went back to the hospital today for my second steroid injection (ouch!) and everything was still fine after laying on my side. Carson still sounded great in there. I'm hopeful to get to 37 weeks again. My OB seems a little more relaxed because we've done this before and at the point they induced me with Finley, my blood pressure was actually much higher. My specialist is just really cautious which is great and I'm glad she's keeping a good eye on the placenta stuff. It's not good that my standing pressure is so high but I know they are keeping good tabs on us. We go back in five days for another ultrasound.

 The reality is setting in that my "normal",  go shopping, have fun and enjoy this pregnancy is gone. I never took for granted that I made it so much longer this time before all the problems started. I was in such a happy place thinking I may stay smooth sailing. It was like a whole different world being able to not worry so much . I really just hope we can avoid a NICU stay for Carson, get to take him home right away and that the placenta stuff stays stable to allow more time for him to bake all the way.

Oh...my bad cervix, it's holding strong at 2.7 and hasn't changed since week 15, some good news. Although, I dread the day of removal already. That was NOT fun last time. (update on this - the second removal was much easier and pretty much painless!)

So yeah. More updates are sure to come.


I also wanted to share our boy's room. It's complete! Luckily we got it all finished the night before I found out about all these issues. We are really happy with it.


Funny side note about our girl. I finally took my belly ring out for my shower last weekend since it was making me look funky through shirts. It's just an empty hole now with a belly button that's sometimes flush but sometimes pokes out a a little. Finley saw it the other day. Her reaction "ooooooooohhhhhh nooooooo, Happen!???" Funniest thing ever. It was like she was devastated that something had "messed Mommy up". Cracked Joe and I up!

Also, after my steroid shot yesterday, she saw my Band-Aid. She was so concerned about my Boo-Boo and kept coming over to rub it and check up on me. I love my sweet girl.

Our lunch together at Olive Garden the other day, just her and I.

Then her sneaking into my attempt at a 31 week belly shot. She wasn't quite sure where to look.

and a more official 31 week belly shot...kind of.

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