Specialist Visit

At 25 weeks my cervix is holding stable! It's still short but hasn't shortened much any more. Two weeks ago it measured at 2.7. Today is was 2.6. Carson is still breech so Dr. A said for me to not get too cocky. Since he is still small, there isn't a lot of weight baring down yet. Things could change once he flips and my cervix has the pressure of his head. She still has me coming in every 2-3 weeks. She said she will feel much better once I hit 32 weeks, but that currently, things are good. Now let's hope my regular OB visit goes well next week. With Finley, my blood pressure slowly started rising at about 26 weeks. I'm not on bed rest doing nothing or as stressed now so hopefully we can avoid that.

Here's a new picture of baby boy. His foot and hand are right by his face. He's getting a little more chunk on his bones now.

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  1. Cute! I think he'll look a lot like Finley. Glad everything is stable with your pregnancy, 32 weeks isn't that far off, and 37 isn't that far from 32 :-)


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