Finley's Second Birthday

On Friday my baby turned two. We are the parents of a two year old. I couldn't have asked for a nicer Birthday for her. I think it just got better and better as the day went on.

I'd been shopping for over a month and was so excited to see her to finally enjoy all her gifts. The prior night Joe and I spent a good chunk of the late hours putting things together. Super fun...

When I heard her on the monitor that morning I knew it wasn't going to be our normal routine of snuggling in bed. She'd see her gifts and it would be on. After hearing that she was awake on the monitor, I went straight to her room, wished her a Happy Birthday and headed towards the living room holding her. Her first reaction in a soft quiet voice, "wowwwww, coooooool". She didn't know what to think.

After opening everything, we played for a bit before getting ready for more Birthday fun.

We got her new toy box in her room right away. The old one was long outgrown. This one is so nice. It's KidCraft for anyone interested (espresso color). 

First stop, Children's Museum! As soon as we walked in she was eager to check everything out. Lots of "wooooow's and cool's". It had been a while since we'd gone here so I really don't think she remembered it. At the time she was only old enough for the toddler area and didn't get the full effect. This time she was able to take it all in and really have fun. I'm loving this age and her really being able to participate in more stuff.

After the Museum, we had a big appetite and went out for lunch. The piglet chowed down. Then we headed home after stopping to pick up her birthday cake. As soon as we got home she took a much needed nap.

This is the face I got when I went in to wake her up to head to dinner. 

Last stop, Finley's birthday dinner! It was so so nice. We spent the evening with the people who love our girl the most. She really ate it up. I couldn't have asked for a better dinner and celebration. We went to a restaurant that we frequent often, the same place where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner and Finley's 1st Birthday dinner. When they came out with her cake, a big sombrero (that she took off) and maracas to shake, she was a little unsure at first. After hearing everyone sing to her, her face lit up. It made my heart smile. She clapped with us when we were done! It was overwhelmingly sweet. All her loved ones were genuinely so happy to see her so happy. Her Daddy and I helped her blow out her two candles and she chowed down on a cupcake.

More gifts! Our girl is very fortunate to have so many people that love her so much.

After dinner she played outside on the hill with her cousins, aka Mommy and Daddy chasing her around to avoid her falling on the rocks. As soon as we got home, she played with her toys for maybe fifteen minutes and it was bath and bed time. It was a LONG day and we were all exhausted. Our girl had such a nice time for her second birthday and her very last as an only child!

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