Big Girl Bed | Nursery Progress

This week I've been focusing on Finley's big girl room. 

I was on a serious hunt for a her bed and finally found it. Yesterday my Dad went with me to pick it up. He was awesome enough to stay and move the crib out of Finley's room into Carson's nursery and  to help me set up the new bed. Joe already had his days off this week. We would've had to wait almost a week. I had my Dad moving furniture all over the place to get the perfect placement for everything. He said I sounded just like my Mom! We had Finley in the living room watching TV while we were figuring everything out. I wanted her to walk in and be surprised. She was and she loved it. My Dad was so excited that he was here to see her reaction. She walked in and climbed straight onto her bed saying "nigh nigh". It wasn't even bed time yet.

She really likes monkeys so I thought this comforter set was perfect. The little pink pillow is the one I made while pregnant with her. It was on the rocker that is now in the new nursery for Carson.

At bed time, we walked to her room and she went down the same as usual. I got her in bed and told her night night and that I love her. She said "nigh nigh, bye bye" and got all snuggled up to her pillow. I turned off the light, walked out and ran to the monitor. Not.a.peep! Same story again tonight. This morning I had work. On work days, we wake up earlier than normal to go have breakfast with my parents. She spends the day with them while I'm working. I even heard her stir on the monitor about thirty minutes before I went in to wake her up and she ended up putting herself back to sleep. My initial fear with the transition was her getting up too early knowing that she could get out of bed and walk around or play. Let's hope that her going back down this morning is an indicator of things to come. Eight-thirty every morning is early enough for me! Two years ago I would have never dreamed of waking up so chipper at that hour and getting so much done at the start of the day. I know to most people that isn't early but to the girl who used to go in to work at 11am pre-kid, it's early.

Back to the first night in the bed. I got a call from Joe when he was on his way from work. I'd just put Finley to bed. He wanted me to keep her up so that he could get a good look at her room with the big girl bed and see her go down. He had just missed it! When he got home we went in and watched her looking all cozy for a minute and he was able to check it all out. He loved it too. Then she started to move around and open her eyes so we darted out!

The dresser in the photo will be moved out next week since I have a new one on the way. Baby Carson will be getting this one, along with the crib, until the time comes for him to have a big boy room too....way, way, down the road! The canvas toy box that we have long outgrown in Finley's room will be replaced by a new wooden one, one of her birthday presents next week. I'm excited for everything to fit again.

When my Dad moved the crib over from Finley's room to the nursery he had to take it apart to fit through the doorways. When Joe got home last night I guess he was just as excited as I was to see Carson's room make some progress so we re-assembled the crib and moved the mattress height back up to the level for a tiny baby...at 11:30pm. I got the crib linens on and we decided how we wanted to arrange the furniture in there. That was up in the air still. The crib skirt could probably use some ironing.

I painted Carson's mirror frame the other night. It's going to go above his dresser. I found the mirror for a steal but the frame was gold so I decided to paint it grey to match his room perfectly. Getting it fully covered was no easy task. Don't mind me looking a hot mess. This picture was taken at about one in the morning.

The finished look of the mirror with a glimpse of the crib. It's a work in progress. The paper on the ground is actually his name decal for behind the crib. That will be going up soon.

My Mom surprised me with this blanket this afternoon. She found it on etsy. It's SO soft. I love the bubble underside.

That's it for updates. The week ahead is a busy one.

-Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. We're going out for crawfish.

-On Monday, we're going to eat at Joe's work with his Mom and second cousin who is in town for chemo. Joe's Mom has been wanting to take her there and invited Finley and I to come with.

-Tuesday is my visit with the MFM to check on Carson and get an updated cervix measurement. Hopefully all continues to stay stable with that.

-Wednesday will be a grocery shopping and catch-up day around here.

-Thursday, I have my routine gestational diabetes testing at the OB. Luckily Joe is of so he can stay home with Finley while I go. It's an early appointment.

-Friday is Finley's SECOND BIRTHDAY! Joe took off from work and we are having a family fun day. This will be our girl's very last birthday as an only child. We're having dinner with the Grandparents, my Sister-In-Law and Finley's cousins.

Busy, Busy, Busy! I'm exhausted just typing all that out.


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