A little story I wanted to share

While out shopping the other day, an older lady approached me in Hobby Lobby. She had no idea that I'd made an effort to look put together that day. I did though. I tend to do that during this pregnancy because I didn't get that opportunity last time. At this point last time I'd already been on bed rest for over five weeks. I never got to show off my belly or feel like a pretty pregnant lady. Aside from my doctors appointments, I wore pajamas all day long. This time I'm taking advantage of it for as long as I can.  I enjoy being pregnant. I like my baby bump and all that pregnancy entails. I did with Finley too. Without the cervix and blood pressure stuff pregnancy would be pretty enjoyable for me. I'm sure I feel that way because I know just how hard it can be.

Anyways, back to the lady. As I was looking through bows for Finley's pictures she walked up beside me and said very softly "oh my God. I don't really speak English but you are such a beautiful pregnant lady". She lightly touched my belly and then very softly ran the back of her hand along Finley's cheek". Her sincerity was so touching. The fact that she put herself out there just to tell me that. I know that in traditional Mexican culture it's an old belief that physical contact means someone wishes you well. The way she delivered it was just so sweet. She had no idea that it made my day to hear her compliment with such sincerity. So for anyone reading, compliment someone in public. Be sincere. You never know who's day you might make....even if they look taken aback at first. They likely are. In their jumbled brain of other thoughts, they probably weren't expecting something so nice to happen ;)

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