28 weeks! Specialist Visit and a Visit to Daddy's work

Today we hit the 28 week mark! This is a big milestone in a lot of high risk pregnancies. Birth at 28 weeks has around a 90% survival rate and the chances of serious complications later in life go way down. Every day counts!

Two nights ago went to eat at Joe's work with his Mom, her cousin (Andrea) and Kaylee, our niece. This was taken after dinner. I was 27w5d.

Here's a few from the restaurant earlier in the night.

a pregnant girl's dream.

Yesterday was my visit with Dr A, my high risk doctor. Everything looked great. Carson is no longer breech. I realize it's early and that he could still be doing somersaults in there, but still. I had a vaginal delivery with Finley and hope for the same this time. Carson is still "floating". Unlike Finley, his little head isn't putting pressure directly on my cervix, yet. I'm still measuring at 2.7 in regards to cervix length, short but not too bad. It's been holding at that number for a long while now, a big plus. I shortened a little during week 28 with Finley so fingers crossed that doesn't happen this time. I've been bumped from going to the specialist every other week to every three! Nice considering I start bi-weekly visits with my regular OB after the gestational diabetes testing, tomorrow morning. That puts us at 3 or 4 visits a month between the two doctors. Both offices are about fourty-five minutes away, without traffic. Lots of driving! Our boy was measuring approximately 2lbs 6oz. On the way to my appointment I commented that I thought he may have moved since I thought I felt a baby bum in a spot it wasn't before. I was right. The ultrasound technician agreed that it was a baby rump in that same spot to the left of my belly button. His feet are to the right. This is the exact position that his sister stayed in from around twenty-two weeks on...

We are over half way through the busy week I mentioned in my last post. After tonight, Joe will be home with us for two days. Friday we get to celebrate our girl's second birthday. I'm really excited for our day together and for her to enjoy her birthday gifts. I''ll be posting pictures from her two year photo session soon. We have the previews now but I'm waiting for the rest.

Here's a quick shot of baby girl with Grandpa on his birthday this past Sunday. We went to the local farm to pick up a few things. They have strawberry picking there but it way too hot. Another day.

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