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Today we hit 25 weeks! I snapped a quick bump shot on our way out the door to run some errands. I'm on the hunt for a baby shower dress. Yes, second baby showers are common in our area. Especially if baby is a different sex than the other/s, like in our case. There was no way my hostesses were letting me get out of it. They have the belief that every baby should be celebrated. I also need to run to the craft store for a wooden number prop for Finley's pictures next week.

It's May 1st today. Our girl's birth month is here. I cannot believe my baby will be TWO YEARS OLD in just 23 days. Time needs to slow down.

I've made a real effort to resist shopping for boy clothes. We were gifted so many cute outfits for Finley on top of me shopping that it was just too much and it makes me sad that a lot of it got so little use. Of course we all have our weaknesses so I had to buy Carson some outfits and will probably pick up a few more along the way but I'd say I'm doing great at resisting so far. It could be in part due to Finley's two year pictures and birthday approaching. I've kept occupied with shopping for picture outfits, birthday gifts and Carson's nursery decor.

Also, some adorable onesies that my Godmother got for him.

Of course we can't forget the best mail, fluff mail! Baby boy needed some boy print cloth diapers. About forty-percent of Finley's are gender neutral so luckily we won't need to buy too many more. I'll sell off her girly prints once she's potty trained. I figure I'll probably buy 12-15 more boy prints. Here's the start of the new stash. Who knew boy prints could be so cute!?


  1. You look great!! What brands are those cloth diapers? I'm trying to find some new ones as the ones I have all have bad elastic now after almost 2 years, I plan on putting in new elastic but am always curious what brands others use

  2. thank you!

    These are Alva. The inserts could be bigger but overall I like them. The PUL shot so fast in our BG. They sent more, which also split. I've replaced the elastic in our Rumparooz because it was non-existant. I've had better luck with our cheaper Alva and Sunbabies! Also look into Smush Tush and Butterfly Bottoms for WAHM pockets. I love them both. My older Smush Tush is in perfect condition.

  3. Very cute collection of baby apparels you have especially that red one piece


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