New blog name and look

You may have already noticed the changes here a few days ago. With our little boy on the way, the name "Finley's Corner" needed to be expanded to include both our babies. The new design colors are now gender neutral instead of pink and the name header had changed. The title "Our Little Loves" just fits for us. Joe and I have called each other "My Love" for years now so I thought the name just fit for a blog about our babies and family. Cheesy? Maybe....but I like it. I decided not to actually change the blog address since it's linked from a few places as well as followers feeds. I know, about time. I said I'd make the changes eventually


  1. I like the header. I need to work on mine. The name is fine but I'm over the image. I did it super quick last year in power point.

  2. I like yours! I was just catching up on your beautiful girls yesterday. Oh and you look awesome!


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