Carson's nursery: A start!

I've been on a nursery decorating kick lately. When we built our house three years ago, I had a vision for the guest room. Yellow. Joe thought I was nuts but once it was all together, he loved it, we both did. I'm proud to say I painted that entire room by myself while he was at work one day. That was a LOT of work for one little lady. With that said, it's staying yellow. As soon as we found out Carson was a boy, the idea hunt was on for something I loved with the yellow. The search ended with yellow, white and grey chevron print with a subtle giraffe theme. Our bedroom is grey. I love grey. Grey goes well with yellow, bam! Then the shopping began.

Here's the starting point. The prior guest room.

and now the start to Carson's nursery...

Joe was off from work on Tuesday. Him and my Dad moved all the furniture out. On Wednesday we cleared out all the random items and started putting little accents up, like this. (Switch plate and giraffes from etsy). I have a few things I still need to spray paint. I scored a huge mirror to put above his dresser but the frame is gold, nothing a little spray paint won't fix. I can't wait to put the decal above his crib. The seller on etsy (bwordy) was amazing and worked with me to get just what we were looking for. Here's the proof. It's currently under said mirror flattening out. Decals come rolled up. It's on a yellow background, similar to his wall color. 
A plush blanket I picked up that matches everything. It's super soft.

We don't use crib bumpers. Just a skirt and fitted sheet. A friend of mine, and the owner of Butterfly Bottoms Boutique, made the skirt for us.  It matches perfectly with the blanket above. I would post a photo of it all put together with the yellow sheet, but our little princess still has the crib in her room. 

I'm not sure when we'll be brave enough to make the transition to a big girl bed. We are in the process of shopping for it but I'll admit, I'm scared! She's an amazing sleeper and I fear messing that up! I'd like to get the crib all set up in Carson's room before he's here to avoid the work later, even though he'll be in our room for a while, just like Finley was. Maybe in another 4-6 weeks we'll get more serious about bed shopping. No huge rush.

I also put down the area rug last night. It's grey and came from Overstock. We love it. I didn't snap a photo but I'll definitely be posting more updates as the time goes by.

I almost forgot! My Mom was shopping for the shower decor earlier and picked this up on Etsy. She figured they could use it at the shower for random things and also for his room. The theme of the shower is the same as his room. We cloth diaper so it will likely hold lotions, wipes, wipe solution etc. I think it's super cute.


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