Carson updates and my baby bump

At my ultrasound a few weeks ago we got a surprise. During my ultrasound they turned on the 4D feature and we got a picture.

Here's our boy. I was only 20 weeks along at the time. For being so early I think we got a great shot of him. They did another last week but this shot is clearer and he looks pretty much the same :)
At both visits my short cervix was still holding at the same measurement of 2.7. That isn't long but that fact that it isn't shortening is great. I'm going for checks every other week at this point so we are 6 days our from the next ultrasound. Hopefully things continue to stay stable. I am on light activity but no bed rest as of now. At this point with Finley, I had already been on bed rest for four weeks. Oh, and with mention of that....

I am 24 weeks along! (well, yesterday I was)

Twenty four weeks is kind of a big deal to high riskers. No one wants a baby to come that early but it just means that if he/she did, the doctors would fight for him/her. A super early baby is never a good thing but any parent would want a fighting chance for their baby and that's just what 24 weeks means to me. Not a guarantee that all would be fine, but at least a chance.
Now, on to the belly shots. I need to catch up. I'll start with the most recent.

Last week at 23 weeks.

22 weeks.

21 weeks.
(A comparion showing that I'm growing faster the second time around.)

19 weeks+3 days. In Florida, after the beach.

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