Busy busy busy!

The title says it all. A blog entry is past due.
First, here's my tiny baby bump. Not the best picture. I know it's small but I was about this size last time at probably 24 weeks!

This was a week ago. I was around 17 weeks. I'm just over 18 now. Time is flying by. About half way there. Crazy! Baby boy still remains nameless...

Last week we went to the nursery with Grandpa to get out transpants for the fall garden. Here's my girl helping pick them out.

It's rodeo month. Joe and I went to the Toby Keith show on opening day and my Mom and I went with some of her friends to The Band Perry. We had to draw the line and have been turning down ticket offers left and right.  Rodeo gets tiring, lots of walking. Of course we had to take our girl to the livestock show and carnival on Joe's day off. She had fun. Here she is a little unsure about the kangaroo, sloth and huge turtle.

On the trek back to the car, Joe and I were mentioning that next year when we go, there will be four of us. Then we talked about a silly four year old little boy looking at our pictures from yesterday and asking "hey, why did you guys go without me?!". Carson will look at our family pictures of just the three of us and wonder why he isn't in them. We will of course tell him it's because he wasn't born yet. It just seemed so funny imagining a time before him being so foreign. These past two years have been so amazing. This is our life, our normal. We talked about how right now the idea of four seems so unreal but that years from now we will be saying "I can't imagine a life with just the three, before our fourth edition". After all, this life we've become so familiar with and attached to has only lasted just under two years, a drop in the bucket, really. It's all so exciting to know that after Finley made our lives so perfect and happy, we get a whole new round of that. The love and happiness, times two. I'm so excited that Finley gets this experience. I know they won't like each other every single day but they will always love each other and it's awesome that we can give them that.


Today F and I went with Britt and Mason to the wildlife park. She loved the tram ride and kept tilting her head back smiling up at me. As you can tell she had no fear of the huge buffalo. She even tried to stick her fingers right near an ostrich. Momma isn't so fond of those rowdy ostriches.

The bottom picture is baby girl on the tram. She was eating it up.

We go to Florida next week so I'm sure I'll be posting about that soon enough! Then we have an ultrasound with the MFM specialist on the 28th. Send me some good cervix length vibes. I'll be 20 weeks. Last time around I was 20w3d when I had my emergency stitch surgery. I'm hoping my early preventative stitch makes this measurement much better. There will definitely be some new ultrasound photos of baby boy!

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