It's a BOY!

That's right. Baby #2 is a BOY!

We found out on Monday. The gender determination blood test is offered in conjunction with the NT scan at the office we go to. Super cool.

Looks like this blog not only needs a new name, but new colors. No more pink.

I also wanted to post the NT scan results. His NT measurements ranged from 1.5-1.7. Anything lower than 3 is good. Chances for down syndrome were 1:4558 and chances for trisomy were less than 1 in 10,000. These are great numbers.

It's been a week since I got my cerclage. Today was the follow-up. Everything looks great. Very promising. My blood pressure, which normally runs high, was a bit lower. That made me very happy. I left my visit feeling good. We go in two weeks for my first visit with Dr A, my MFM (high risk doc), where I'll get an ultrasound and a more in depth cervical measurement. My shortening last time happened sometime between 12 and 19 weeks. A 16 week measurement will be good to see where we stand right now.

Here is our first purchase for baby boy! They were too cute to pass up. We are taking our time with names so he is currently still "baby boy".


In other, non baby news, Mommy and Daddy got a night out last night. Mardi Gras is a big celebration at Joe's work so we got to go have a nice solo dinner. Our girl stayed with Grandma but she got souvenirs.

Currently, "Ba-oons"are her most favorite thing ever. For this reason I kept them out of her room last night because if she woke up and saw them there would be no going back to sleep. This morning when she woke up, she freaked when she saw them. She's in love. Daddy took her to lunch with him and two work friends this afternoon while I was at my doctor visit. When I got home I could only locate two of the four balloons. Why you ask? Because they took two to lunch with them! One is now currently lost to the ceiling of the restaurant. Yes, he let her bring them in.

Joe and baby girl are napping but will be up soon. We are going to hit up the Carters sale for some new PJ sets and possibly some clothes for baby boy if anything stands out. I really need some maternity clothes. I've grown out of my jeans and can't possibly wear yoga pants everywhere. With Finley. I was able to wear my normal clothes until after 20 weeks. By that time I was on bed rest and didn't need any. I'm majorly lacking in the maternity clothing department. I guess it's time to catch up!  

Little Missy is up from her nap now. Time to get going... 


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome news! Isn't that early test amazing? We just had it with our #2 and found out it's another little girl! Wishing you all the best :)


  2. Congrats! Looking forward to hearing his name :)


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