16 weeks // First MFM appointment.

Today we hit the 16 week mark. We also had our first visit with Dr. A, our MFM specialist. We love Dr. A. She's the reason we have baby girl here today, along with Dr. C of course. She was the one who we were sent to immediately last time when my cervix looked short. She freaked out, called Dr. C (my OB) and demanded that I be sent to surgery the next morning for my cerclage. Dr. C said she caused quite a stir in the office that day.

My Dad came along to sit with Finley this morning. They went in the ultrasound with me which was cool because he got to see baby boy bouncing around and moving his lips. Oh and the blood test was accurate (not a shocker). He is in fact, a he!

While there, I pointed to Finley and told Dr.A that she's the reason Finley is here. I really do believe that. I just might have had to hold back a tiny tear at that moment. Dr. A replied, "well you know...". Humble...

This is a picture from a little over a week ago, on the 17th. I was about 14 1/2 weeks.

The bump seems to be getting a little bigger every day. Bare belly, to get the full effect. This one was only taken two days after the one above, but in the evening. (15 weeks)

I know to most I would be considered tiny still but I wasn't showing this much last go round' until 23-24 weeks!

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