Happy New Year!
I can't believe it's January! Just four short months away from Finley's birthday month. She turns TWO! Geez. It's also our four year wedding anniversary on the 17th of this month! Last year was a great one for us. Our girl grew so much. So many highlights....crawling, walking, her first "EuyLuhYewwww", too many to list!
To celebrate New Years Eve, Finley and I went to eat at Joe's work with my parents. He was working. New Years Eve is busy at his job. It's actually become a tradition to go there to celebrate. Finley went last year and the year before too (in my tummy!). Here are some pictures from our dinner and of my pretty girl afterwards. I can't believe she is over nineteen months old now!

Baby girl is obsessed with her balloon. She is currently walking around with it (the following morning)
It was a year to remember but I can guarantee that 2013 will be even more so!


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