Fall fun!

Our baby girl is getting so big! I refuse to let this blog go but definitely haven't been updating like I should.

She will be 18 months old in two weeks. How did this happen? I cant even begin to document all the new stuff going on with her. Halloween passed and luckily Daddy was on vacation with us for the whole week. It was nice. He got to go to story time with us three times. The time changed, fall back. That was no good. Baby girl didn't know about the time change so instead of waking up at 8:30 (which she had recently changed to after waking up at 9:30 or 10 for so long), she was now waking up at 7:30. Momma was stressed about this. With our schedule and Daddy not getting home from work until late at night, there's no way this Momma could be waking up at 7:30. Even the prior 8:30 was cutting it! Then we saw her poking at her ears....hmmmmmm. Does she have an ear infection? She did have a pretty nasty cold last week (her first real cold) so maybe the leftover fluid got in her ears? We went to the Dr and sure enough, double ear infection and a sinus infection. I'm still not convinced about the sinus infection though. I think the doctor just threw that in because she had a bit of congestion left over. It was already going away and runny/clear, but since it had been over a week she went with "sinus infection". Anyways, after being on the antibiotics for only one day I guess her ears felt better because she started sleeping in until 9:30! Score! It wasn't the time change messing with her sleep as much as it was her ears hurting. My poor baby. We're going on this new sleep trend for over a week now so I know it's real. The only thing suffering is story time at the library because we aren't up in time to get ready, fed and out the door that fast. I may wake her up a bit early occasionally so that we can still make it.

Here's a few Halloween pictures. We went Trick or' Treating in our neighborhood with Finley's cousins. My baby even said "Trick or Treat"!!

Here she is at the pumkin patch.

Since I haven't update lately, I also want to share this one. We did a big fall garden this year and Joe did one at work as well. Here we are at the nursery getting stuff for the one at his job. Taken maybe a month or so ago.

While we are playing catch up, I'll throw in a few of her first time on her future horse, Easy. My Mom plans to give him to her when she's around 5. I grew up with my own horse. Hopefully she loves him as much as I loved my Zippy. I got Zippy when I was 8 and he passed away at over 30 years old when I was 21. These were taken two months ago...and, yes, I'm riding in flip flops ;)

I also wanted to document some of the things Finley has been saying. There is no way I could remember it all. 

Just this morning while laying in bed she pointed at my chest and said "boobie". lol. She pretty much just repeats random things we say so I'll just go off the top of my head....We are now at Momma, Mommy, Mommeeeeeeee!, DaDa, Daddy, Dush or Duchess, Chloeeeee, (both our Dogs), Bubba (parents dog), Kiee (kitty), No, Bath, Shoe, Eyes, Yummy Yummy, Ba ba, Yeah, Pease (Please), Trick or Treat, Puppy, Gra-ma, Graa-pa, Bye bye, Hi. Heyy, Nigh Nigh, Baby, ruff ruff, Moo, Meow, La la la. I know I'm probably missing another 10-15 random words plus the ones she just copies from us. I think she may have repeated me saying a four letter word a few weeks ago. Oops. Time to watch that. Joe was going to work and she joined together words and said "Bye bye Daddy". It was so cute. I stopped in my tracks and said "ahhhh, Joe! Did you hear her?!"

She's been pointing at body parts when we ask for a while now. I wanted to note what parts she will point to for us at this point....Eyes, nose, hair, ears, tummy, tongue, toes, feet and fingers. She will also point to her eyes on her own and say "eyes".

Nap time is almost over and then we're off to go find a dress for Christmas pictures. Taking this whole holiday thing step by step!

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  1. so cute! Landon turns 18 months in a week and it is so fun to hear them say so many new words and copy cat the things we say and do an on a regular basis. I think this age is so fun!!


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