It's the Most Wonderful Time

That title means a few things...

-The Holidays are upon us. I love this time of year. Even more since becoming a Mommy and a little family of three.

-My baby girl told me "I Luh Yeww" about a week ago and it made my heart smile. I was putting her in her crib and telling he her "nigh nigh", like normal. She usually says "nigh nigh" back. She finds it funny for me to say it and pretend like I'm leaving. Then I stop, turn back and run to her for more "nigh nigh, I love you's" and extra kisses. She cracks up and thinks it's for her but really, I just want to eat her up! Anyways, back to the point. As I told her "nigh nigh, I love you" for the first of our normal 3-4 times she said, before I even could, "I Luh Yeww", plain as day. My heart did little flips. I was on cloud nine. One of the highlights of my life for sure. My whole body practically went over that crib rail to soak my little love in and shower her with kisses. Who knew an amazing little baby copying something I say to her every day/night could do that :) Daddy even got it two days later while leaving for work! He adores his baby girl.

-This is the best age ever. Our girl is 18 months old (plus 5 days). I LOVE LOVE LOVE this age. I told her tonight to stop growing. Just as she still plays with the TV remote when I tell her not to, she will continue to grow. I say this is my favorite age, but I've been saying that since she was five months old. Having a newborn is a whole different kind of heart warming but this stage is just so much fun. She does new things daily and is really starting to come into herself. I mean, she's been doing that since birth but even more now. I can tell her to do things and she actually does them...when she wants to. It's pretty cool. She even tries to help me dust. Gotta' earn her keep. She'll also grab a particular book if I ask and tell me "yeah" when  I ask if she's hungry. The answer to every question is "yeah" at this point. She does tell me "no no no no" when I take out the vitamin drops while she's in the bath. I raise my hands in the air and pretend to opera sing and she does it too. Cutest thing ever. Daddy says she's going to be crazy like Momma. I hope so. Maybe she'll get my strong personality. We can only hope. I can't wait for what next month holds. Things seem to change so fast around here. :( It's fun but it's a constant reminder of how fast it's all zooming by. I find myself calling her by her first and middle name much more lately. Hopefully that isn't a sign of things to come. I'm sure it is...


It's getting late. Daddy is playing Xbox and this Momma wants to catch up on her reading. I put up all the indoor Christmas decor the other day and we did the yard this afternoon. I'm tired!  I leave you with a picture from Grandma and Grandpa's house on Thanksgiving last week. Daddy even got to eat with us since he didn't go in to work until the afternoon. Finley loved her feast.
Much better than the purees she had last year.

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  1. Adorable pictures! My girls are 5 days younger than your little lady. I agree that it is such a fun age! They're constantly doing hilarious things and continuously try to say new things :)


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