Finley's Word Count

Quick post and run! Joe is on his way home from work with a late dinner. I wanted to come by and jot some stuff down.

The other day I was thinking about all the new words our girl is saying. It asks for firsts in her baby book but there just isn't enough space to record it all. Enter this blog. I've mentioned before that I fully plan on printing this out for Finley and eventually our next child, for them to be able to read later on, like an extended baby book. This blog contains my thoughts and feelings during pregnancy, the time when Daddy and I anticipated being her parents, before I was "Momma". Then there's just the other random things I document, like today....I think it will be neat for them to have, especially later on as adults when they have kids of their own. To know that I was in their place once. I'm sure they won't really be able to picture a time in our lives before their existence. Heck, I probably won't either!

and yes, I am totally talking about baby number two here, one that doesn't even exist. Yet ;-)

Now for a dose of cuteness before I get to writing. I wanted to see if she would actually leave a hat on. She liked it.

Next, here is my Pookie trying cotton candy yesterday. This was her very first time having candy! She's not really big on sweets, luckily, but we did manage to catch one of her awesome cheesin' smiles that she's started doing lately. I love that little face and those little teef ;)

Now for the main reason of this post. I wanted to note all the words my girl is saying up until this point. Many of them are new within the past couple of weeks, others she's been saying for a while. Now, for some baby bookin'...

Mama, Mommy, DaDa, Dutchess and Chloe (the dogs), Bubba (Grandma & Grandpas dog), Puppy, Kie (kitty), "barks", Meow, No no no no (while waving her pointer finger), hi, heyyy, Grandpa (a really new one), hawwww (for "ye-haw", when she puts on her cowboy hat). Peek-a-boo (her own version), jumpy jumpy (means jump). 

That's all I can recall from memory but I'm sure I'll be back to add if I remember more. Night! I came and went while writing this post. Dinner got eaten, our shows watched and it's now time for bed!

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