Finley's First Vacation

Our trio spent a week in Florida, where I'm from. We moved to Tx when I was in High School for my Mom's job. Baby girl finally got to meet Momma's side of the family and her great Grandparents.

On the last two days of our trip she broke out in terrible hives. At first we thought it could be pool chlorine. Nope. They still got worse after being away from the pool. Then we re-washed all her clothing thinking it could be my Godmothers detergent. Nope, hives still got worse. Then Joe suggested the diapers we had bought. We had just started that brand (Seventh Generation) the night she got the hives after running out of the brand I bought prior  (Huggies Pure and Natural). We cloth diaper at home but did not want to have to travel with all her dipes or do diaper laundry while on vacation so we opted for disposables, brands we'd never used before.

As soon as Joe suggested it could be the sposies, I just knew it couldn't be that. The "good" brand  wouldn't do that! Yeah. I went out and bought another brand and BAM, hives gone the next morning. There was definitely something in those Seventh Gen diapers that did not agree with our girl. I tossed them all!

Aside from that, our trip went well and Finley was a pretty good mini traveler. Joe is off from work tomorrow and Thursday for the first time since vacation so hopefully I can report back with some fun stuff from his days off.

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