Baby see, baby do...

The last of the "onesie sticker" pictures. Bittersweet! I was getting tired of posing her for these. Or should I say, she was getting tired of it. I know they are four weeks late. Promise I wasn't "that" late on taking them.

I also wanted to share this one of my little makeup helper. See that spot there? I sit there to apply my makeup. In the bedroom, not the bathroom. I know, I'm weird. Finley digs it. As you can see, she's my little mirror hog.

The other day as I was putting on my makeup, she snuck into my makeup bag, grabbed a fluffy brush and started to rub it on her cheek. I was shocked. She picks up on more than we realize! Who knew I was being watched so closely?!

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  1. Haha I used to always put my makeup on in my bedroom sitting in front of a mirror. This was years ago though.

    Finley is so cute. I love all her hair.


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