One year pictures!

As promised!

I'm in love with these. Rebecca from R&J Photography has outdone herself again. She also did Finley's newborn photos at 5 days old *sigh*...almost a full year ago.


  1. Oh my goodness she just gets cuter!! Hard to believe our babies are almost a year, isn't it?!?!?

  2. Gorgeous pictures! It is amazing how fast a year flies by!

  3. That's it... be on the lookout, April.. I'm coming to Houston and stealing Miss Finley! Your photographer definitely did outdo herself. I absolutely adore these. I really love the one of you and her! That, and the 1st cake pic are my favs! =D

  4. Love all the pictures, Super Cute!. Where did you find her smash the cake outfit? My little Victoria will be a year soon and I still can't find an outfit.

  5. Love these pics, she is so adorable!! Your photographer did a fantastic job!!

  6. She is so beautiful! All of her little outfits are just precious!!!


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