Catch-up time

I need to update here more. That's the plan, like it always is.

Today we did Finley's one year photo shoot. Agghhhh. I know I know. Lets not dwell on the fact that my girl will be a year old in seventeen short days. So yeah, check back for those new pictures soon! I just got some of the previews and am in love with them. Today she had her first taste of sweets other than fruit...cake during her photo session. I think she liked it, luckily not too much. Only a little actually went down. The rest ended up everywhere else.

Oh, one more thing. This is big.....I had fully decided that Finley wasn't going to crawl. That she was going to go straight to walking from her professional roller state, like her non-crawling Daddy did. She fooled me. At 11 1/2 months old she decided to give it a try and is all over the place now. She'd been getting on all fours for a while but then getting down flat instead of moving her legs forward. Then, this morning all of a sudden, she thought moving her legs might be nice. I've since had to drag her from the dogs water bowl twice. They've since been relocated. Guess it's time to buy some cabinet locks.

Now, for some picture updates....

This is Finley with HER dog. Duchess was our second dog. She was an on a whim decision made by me calling Joe "telling" him I was getting a new dog. I went with a friend to look at pups for him and came home with one of my own. I even had a bit or remorse in the very beginning because I felt like I was taking some of the love and attention away from our very first baby, Chloe (our Yorkie). I hate to even admit that because she quickly became a part of the family that we love so much. She is the sweetest, most loving, well behaved and good tempered dog. That decision, almost two years before Finley was born was meant to be. I feel like she was meant for baby girl. Duchess loves Finley and Finley loves her. It's so cute. I always have to watch Duchess to make sure her kisses don't go too over board because Finley is more than willing to accept all the kisses Duchess will give :) Finley barks just like Duchess and even pulls her in her arms for big bear hugs. Of course with Mama watching to make sure she isn't squishing Duchess or ripping her fur out because "Duchey" will totally let her without even flinching. I can't wait to see their relationship blossom even more over the years.

My big girl.

She likes to rip her bows out now. This is how we keep the hair from her eyes.

A normal meal time in our house. The dogs learned really fast.

This is while we were getting ready for pictures today. I was running errands and had the balloons for the pictures in the back row. Not sure how she managed to get a hold of it but she was proud of her find..


  1. She's sooo cute I love it! I really want to get a puppy, especially because I would love for Alexis to grow up with a puppy that she's had since the beginning :)

  2. I just love her pigtails. I can't wait until nora's hair is long enough for those!

  3. She is so adorable! I'm almost tempted to get a dog after seeing the dinner picture. Boy would that make my life easier but then again, maybe not! lol

  4. Are you still doing cloth diapers? Zulily has jungle roo's for $9.99! I usually use BG but I have been using these and LOVE them!


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