The Zoo!

Our little trio went to the Zoo last Monday for baby girl's first visit. She really liked it. Towards the end she was exhausted and passed out in her carrier.

We went to eat at Cafe Express inside the art museum first (after a little diaper blow-out mishap that we some how managed to recover from. TMI). On the way home, we stopped at the farmers market. Joe wanted some of the sausage they make there. I almost talked him in to topping the day off with some strawberry picking but just then we got a call to head over to a friends house for a last minute crawfish boil.

Finley with her BFF, Rylee at the Crawfish Boil :)



  1. Hi, what carrier are you using? We have a hand me down baby bjorn and it kills my back. I'm looking to get something else. How is this one on your back?

  2. We also has a hand me down bjorn that killed me! This is a baby hawk mei tai. YouTube has lots of great videos on this one and how to put it on, front and back. I also like our beco gemini...it is a little more user friendly to behin with but I love the non bulkiness of the mei tai and once you get the hang of putting it on and baby in, it's easy.


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