9 Month onesie pictures

I realize Finley tuned nine months old like two weeks ago and also that my last post was her eight month onesie pictures, which were also late. I swear I'm not quitting this place. I've just been really busy with life. I'm trying to limit internet time a bit.

Anyways, here they are.

...and a few other recent ones for fun.

 first time having spaghetti & feeding herself (besides puffs & yogurt melts) at a restaurant.

A walk with Momma on a pretty day.

Looking though old pictures, I realize she's getting so big. It's harder to see when it's happening every day before my eyes. I took this one today. It won't be too long before our girl is walking....I swear she'll walk before she ever crawls! MIL says Joe never crawled. She sure is quite the talker though. Daddy says she's taking after Momma with all that talking and the non-crawling. You know, my superb athletic skills.

I just love all the silly sounds she makes. She mocks everything. She makes pop sounds with her lips and even figured out how to click with her tongue, sort of. It's fun watching her attempt it. She's still going strong with using her finger and lip together to make noises. If she throws her toys out of the car seat, she keeps herself occupied with her lips and finger or some random squeals. Cracks me up.

She loves her puppies, Chloe and Duchess so much. Sometimes I have to put them in another room to get her to eat her food during meal times. Her favorite is when they wrestle with each other.

She's my little partner. I love that I get to be with her five days a week and the bond that we have. I wouldn't have it any other way. These times are so short.

That's all for now. It's getting late. I'll try to update again before we're due for the next onesie set.


  1. I love her beautiful hair!! My little guy has just as much, but well, he's a boy so no bows for us!!

  2. I just cannot get over her hair!!! I love it :) So, Finley and my son have the same birthday/are the same age, and I'm actually 7mos pregnant now with baby #2 (surprise), and I hope her hair grows like Finley's! Hahah :)


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