1st Rodeo and Some Pig Tails!

The Friday before last Finley went to her first rodeo and her first concert, Reba. She was such a  happy girl. Our Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a huge event every year. Millions of people go and it's a big production. Baby Girl was dressed for the occasion ;)

I also wanted to post her first pigtails. Last week while I was at work Daddy needed to run to the barber so he called his sister, to come by and watch Finley for a bit. I got off work and came home to this! She looks way too much like a big girl! I'd been avoiding them because I was worried about the bands pulling out hair but it was fine...and so so cute.


  1. SOOOOOOOOOO cute, I love the pigtails! ;)

  2. I just came across your blog and Finley is SO absolutely adorable! After reading about your scare during your pregnancy, I am glad everything turned out fine and Finley is happy and healthy! I have Type 1 diabetes and also had high blood pressure during my pregnancy, so I can relate to how scary it is not knowing whether or not you'd be able to carry your baby to term, and whether or not she'd be healthy. You have a beautiful family and are very blessed!

    P. S. I think our little girls look similar! I am Hispanic and my husband is blond and lighter skinned, and our baby has similar coloring to Finley. How funny!


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