Still in Awe

In five days our girl will be eight months old. You'd think we'd get used to her adorable ways. Nope. Still in amazement.

The other night her and I were laying in bed after nursing, before putting her down to sleep. I called Joe in. We laid there with her in between us, just staring at her...watching her roll around, squeal, play with our faces, smirk and smile at us. We constantly say "look, look what she's doing!".

In the car yesterday we kept smiling at each other while listening to the funny noises, babbles and squeals coming from the back seat. Our baby making those noises back there, our baby!

We're still just so amazed that she's ours, that she's here. All the things this little girl of ours can do. It really is crazy. I know it's been eight months but it still feels like I was just pregnant!

She's so much fun. There are times when she is supposed to be nursing but starts looking around, goofing off, playing with my nose, my hair, looking at the dogs, fan etc. and I start to get irritated that she's not eating. Then I look at her little grin laughing and smirking at me. I just want to eat her up. It's overwhelming the way I feel about this girl. I'm so grateful that I get to be home with her so often because I don't want to miss a thing. Before we know it she'll be a year old.


Joe and I celebrated our three year Anniversary last night. Three seems like such a small number since we have been together for nine total but these three years have definitely been the best. Joe is such a great daddy and husband. We went out to dinner at Eddie V's. So nice. It was awesome. Baby love went and hung out with Grandma for a few hours.


I also wanted to mention that baby girl got her first ear infection. It was a double...and bad. We are a few days away from being done with antibiotics and then we have her follow up. Hopefully they're cleared up. She had Roseola a few weeks ago and the congestion from that got to her ears.  Roseola is really common in babies aged 6 months to 3 years. Most babies end up getting it at some point. It caused a rash all over her chest and back and a fever that went up to 102.5. Scared the crap out of us. So yeah, we're over being sick this month. Post Christmas problems.


  1. Time sure has flown for sure! Happy Anniversary! :)

  2. Yup...LJ is getting over an ear infection too. :( Poor babies but its very common. Hope Finely is doing better :)

    Oh and Happy Anni!


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