Eight months old!

Eight months seems so much older than seven, so close to a year. The past few months have flown by. Where did five go? Or six? The Holidays are one big jumble in my brain.

I can't remember the last time I did a stats post like this. It's long overdue. Finley has been doing so many new things lately. It seems like so much has changed.

Eating- I did post that we started solids about a week before she turned six months old. She actually likes them now. Most of the time she eats everything we give her...about three cube sized portions mixed with a little yogurt or cereal. Sometimes it takes a little work but it usually all goes down. She loves yogurt. We started that a few day ago. It's her current favorite. She can be in a refusing food mood until I whip out that yogurt and then she is gulping for it. Cold too, which amazes me because she normally likes everything warmed a bit. I make all of Finley's solids and she has had a ton. I am sure I will miss some but here is the bulk of what she has tried. Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, sweet potato, mango, summer squash, zucchini, squash, honeydew melon, blueberry, apples. peach, banana (her least fav), pears. Funny enough but right now she actually seems to prefer the green veggies the most. Odd, I know. Next to the amazingness of yogurt of course. She is also still nursing. I must say I feel pretty accomplished for that. My original goal was six months so we shall see how long we go. At least a year hopefully.

She has has been getting puffs for a couple of weeks. Just a few here and there with close supervision. She likes them. She got her first Mum Mum cookie on Saturday and before I could even look away and back she had taken a big (gummy) bite. Guess she knew what to do with those!

Sleep- Finley would always nurse to sleep and sleep all night long, wake up around 8 a.m, nurse and then go back to sleep for a couple more hours. Us girls like our morning beauty rest. Then she very recently decided she was no longer going to nurse to sleep. She was going to eat and then play, look around, laugh at Mama etc. Enter sleep training. After literally 5-6 days our girl goes to bed on her own perfectly.....going on six nights in a row now of not a peep after I lay her down. Tonight she didn't even seem that tired when I put her in bed after nursing...but I knew she was in fact tired and ready for bed. Sure enough she didn't fuss and was out within about three minutes! Naps are still hit or miss. Most of the time we just play it by ear. If she is incredibly tired and fighting it the sleep training way of just putting her in bed (with the Sleep Sheep on) will sometimes work, sometimes not.

Accomplishments/Milestones- She now sits up perfectly and has been since about the end of November. She barrel rolls alllllll over the place. She has been babbling like crazy for a while now...MaaaaaMaaaa, BaaaaaBaaaaa, Ahhhh. Kaaaa, DaaDaaaah. She does this funny thing with her lip where she blows out and flops her bottom  lip with her finger to make goofy noises. She taught herself that, oddly enough. She tries to clap but with his fists sort of closed.. We *think* she tried to wave the other day. Momma needs to let her have more floor time so she can get to crawling! If we stand her up holding on to something she can stay there for a little bit. Oh and her pincher grasp is great, just great. The occasional little bruises on my arms give that away. Therefore the puffs make their way into her mouth now all on her own...unless of course they stick to her fingres and she's like "what the heck". She finally started taking some baths alone in her new duck tub. Before all her baths were with me since we found the infant tub to be a pain. She loves her jumperoo more and more and now thinks she should be jumping in her new walker that she got for Christmas when I first put her in.

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  1. She is seriously so cute! Can't believe ourbabies are already 8 months time sure does fly! Thats good she eats so well for you landon doesn't like food much at all, I feel like I waste so much time making his food if he wont even eat it, little does he know he can't nurse forever! So glad your little one is doing well!


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