For Christmas Joe got me a Beco Gemini. Actually, I ordered it...from him, to me.

I did a ton of research before deciding on the Gemini. I've mentioned baby wearing here before. Certain carriers are good for certain situations. We were given a Bjorn and used it briefly. It wasn't comfortable. Then I read that Bjorn really isn't the right kind of support. Since Finley is getting heavier we needed a better alternative. I wanted something that has snaps...a "buckle style" carrier. The Gemini is just that. It supports in all the right places and holds her correctly. Finley has fallen asleep in this thing twice already, on my back, while I did housework. Score!

When choosing this carrier, I also looked at the Beco Butterfly. The Butterfly has an insert between you and the baby which I thought could make nursing tricky. Both carriers work with newborns The Gemini (and Butterfly) also allow you to back carry, as I mentioned above. I'm finding this to be my favorite carry. I'm pretty darn proud that I was able to get her on my back easily all alone on my first try. Thanks, YouTube videos!

The Gemini is definitely going to be the most used, if not the only one used most of the time. The Bjorn is now retired. The ring sling is ok. It's never been my go-to. I just feel like it isn't as supportive or comfortable as I'd like and I'm over dealing with the tail and adjusting it. The Hotsling was getting some love, but now that she's getting bigger, it's harder to slip her in. Plus, like the ring sling, it's just not as comfortable as I'd like.

Anyway. Gotta wrap it up. Almost time for the Bachelor premier!
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