More than thankful!

I just finshed wrapping another load of Christmas gifts. Joe is on the couch next to me passed out and baby girl has been asleep for a long while.

As I was wrapping I had some time with my own thoughts. I'll admit I got emotional. I'm eating up the holidays this year. More then ever. This time is making my heart very happy. I get to share it with my beautiful, perfect girl. There were times that I thought about these holidays and hoped so badly I'd have her here. That we would be having our first Christmas with our 7 month old...but then there was still that question. I am referring to my complications during the last half of my pregnancy. The fact that if my complication was not discovered who knows what would have happened. I'll never take her for granted. The what if thoughts and that trying time is never far from my mind and I don't think it ever will be. We are so blessed to have this amazing girl in our lives.

Although we are going way over board for her this year (totally did not plan it) that's okay because she's too young to understand and get spoiled just yet :) I promise I'm going to chill in the years to come. It's just that I want so many things for her right now. Much of it is very practical. More like needs (next size up warm clothes,  bigger sleep sack, socks, books, car seats etc). I'm going to really enjoy seeing her face light up when playing with all of her new toys too. This is just such a fun time. She is a babbling queen (baa-baa, maa-maa, wooooow booob) and sitting up on her own perfectly now. She really is an amazing baby with the happiest personality. I am told often that she is such a great baby and although I don't have experience with many babies I am pretty sure that Joe and I are very spoiled with such an easy and happy girl. She fits into our life perfectly and I cannot imagine life without her now. This is true happiness.


  1. Love the pictures! Have a great Christmas!

  2. aww we did that same tree hand print thing with Landon, it is crazy how fast they grow!!


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