Goodbye 2011

The last day of our Daughters birth year. 2011. Another reminder that she is growing way too fast.

2011 was the most trying but also the best year of my life, all in one.

I spent the first big chunk of it in bed fighting to get my girl here and the rest learning to be her Mommy and totally enjoying her. I'm sad to see this year end. It will be the most memorable of my entire life for sure.

Hopefully 2012 will be full of happiness for our family. Just living, loving and all the growing up baby things that come along with it. Crawling walking and all those new milestones that will totally excite us.

I remember saying while pregnant "Oh my Gosh, next Christmas we will have a seven month old" Gahh. It came and went and now next year for Christmas she will be nearing TWO!!! Oh my....the past year flew by and I cannot even think of my girl being that old, just next year. Ironic that I am talking of the year flying by in this very blog. I bet I would beg to differ on some bed rest posts back from January to May. I read a quote a while back... "The days are long but the years are short". So true.

Tonight, My Mom, Finley and I are celebrating NYE at Joe's work having some delish food. My Dad was supposed to go to but isn't feeling 100%, so girls night it is. Then it's home to put baby girl down and watch the ball drop. I doubt Joe will be home from work before midnight. They're pretty booked tonight. My first kiss of 2012 will likely be to my sweet, sleeping girl.

Update- Joe got off work early and was able to be here for the countdown! This was a first in YEARS and I loved it! We both got to give our sleeping girl a midnight kiss!


I almost forgot to update on our Christmas so I need to back track a bit.

We really had a great time and Finley made out like a bandit, to well. We had our first Christmas morning at out house, since Santa comes here for Finley. We usually do Christmas morning at my parents but instead they came here bright and early. Then we went to Joe's Mom's house to do gifts with his family and eat. Then back to my Parents to eat again and relax. It was a nice day. That night after Finley went to sleep I got the house back in order and played with my new Shark Vacuum and Steam Mop. Santa was good to me too.

A few days before Christmas I decided Finley needed some baby Christmas light pictures.. She also went to see Santa again on Christmas eve day. Yay for seeing Santa twice! She liked him both times.

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