6 Month onesie shots and Pedi Appointment

I know I am a little bit late with these pictures. We've been so busy!
Our girl is getting so big.

On Wednesday Finley had her 6 month check-up and shots. All went well. She is 25 and a quarter inches long now and 15lbs. She dropped down to the 25th precentile (although I need to find out if Dr W goes by the WHO or CDC charts because I heard breastfed babies should go by the WHO ones and some pedi's don't use that) but Dr W was not the least bit concerned. Joe and I were both under weight kids and are still small. It is to be expected. Expecially since she sleeps through the night every night now and is much more active than a new baby.

Of course she cried for shots but I think it's getting better. Oh, she did remember this time. She is normally a happy girl until the shot part, even when they get her temp. Not this time. Every time we would put her down she would cry. When she saw the nurses face she remembered and cried too. The nurse commented "oh, you remember me now" lol. She didn't quite remember Dr W yet....she was just staring at her face trying to figure it out like "hmmm, where do I know this face from" ha. She has been good after the shots and didn't seem to feel too terrible aside from a bit of fussing but that could have been from being over tired too. She finally took a big nap while Joe put up the Christmas lights and I helped, sort of... I actually went to the Doctor after Finley did. I'm pretty much over my cold but am having chest pain and a little temp. I am now on a Z-Pack and sterriods because the doctor thinks I either have Pneumonia, Brochitis or both. I am to go back in 6 days if not better. I really hope it gets better and it isn't anything else. The pain is horrible. I think it's getting a bit better now though. Not a ton but a little.

Some 6 month updates: Finley has been rolling all over the place. Only from her back though. I don't think she has enough opportunity to roll from her tummy because she hates being on it so I flip her back or pick her up...I know, I know...She sits up briefly now and can tri-pod sit for a good while. She has recently started saying Ba-baah in the past couple of days. We never even say the word bottle to her so we know it's just a normal baby babble. It sounds cute though. She is a big squealer and has been for a long time now. She's such a happy girl. I stood her up the other day and let her hold on to the table (of course with my hands right there should her legs give out) and she actually stayed up. However, I don't see her being an early walker at all.

That's all for updates right now. I'll try to remember to post pictures of our Christmas lights soon. Joe did such a good job. His Mom and Dad even came over a little later on and helped finish lining the yard. Then we all had pizza ;)


  1. She's so adorable! Her eyes are just gorgeous! I love them. Heartbreaker in the works....

  2. I think all babies are cute, but yours is literally one of the cutest I've ever seen!

  3. Hey! I notice you commented on how you might get the baby trend jogger I have, I have a smaller car (dodge caliber) and it fits in there no problem. My trunk is a hatch back and I can easily fit it in there with plenty of room to see! I hope that helps, I love that thing!!

    P.S.Finley is TOO cute!


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