Today my little love sat up all on her own. Well she has been sitting up for probably two months or more now while just holding one of our fingers to balance but today she didn't need any of that. She did it all on her own, no hands touching the ground. More recently she could balance with one of her hands touching the ground or even balance up right for a few seconds before toppling towards whatever she was looking at needing Mama to catch her but today she went a good 30 seconds. Of course I was on my phone and unable to snap a photo!

Another big deal today. She sat like a big girl in the shopping cart for the very first time!

This makes me really happy because grocery shopping is going to be so much easier. It also makes me a little sad too though. I normally wear her in her sling while grocery shopping and I just love her staring at me while in it. Loading groceries onto the belt and into the cart once bagged is much easier sans sling though. Plus today was a big shopping trip because I needed to pick up Finley's big girl car seat that we ordered site to store.

After a while of taking all the big girl'ness in she'd had it.

For anyone interested this cover is called a Floppy Seat and I love it. It's so cushioned and really comfy for her. It also works with restaurant high chairs.It folds into itself and becomes a cool little bag with arm straps and there are pouches on the side for when it is in the cart.

As I mentioned in my last post we were sick.  Finley is great now. I've only heard one cough today. I am still trying to get over this. The past three days were bad but after a good night sleep last night I am starting to feel like a normal person again...hence the grocery shopping to stock up on food since the fridge was near empty! Pretty sure I've been sick for nearly 2 weeks.

Solids are so-so. We've tried bananas as mentioned before. Next we tried avocado, seemed a little better...less faces. Then there were apples. We aren't on any strict schedule and I am starting to think we just need to take it easy. She is not loving the solids thing yet and barely any winds up being swallowed at this point. She will be 6 months old in 6 days so while I am still giving her foods here and there we are taking a relaxed approach to try and get her used to it until she seems more interested in really eating the stuff. At least on Thanksgiving my baby love can take part in the festivities with some sweet potatoes ;)

Off to cook dinner. I just want to share one more picture that I just love. It's from right before her bath time the other night.


  1. She is so cute, and I love that cart cover! Where did you get it? Etsy? We are starting solids this weekend (with rice cereal I think)...crazy how fast it goes!

  2. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)



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