Finley eats solids for the 1st time. *Pics*

Since Finley is nearing 6 months and showing intrest in our foods it was time to start solids. As I mentioned before, Dr W recommended 5 months for us but we wanted to hold off a bit per new research, recommendations and just watching for cues from her. Some babies are ready earlier than others and for us we wanted to wait a bit.

Yesterday Finley, Momma and Daddy went to the City Hall Farmers Market but didn't not score much there. Just some locally grown carrots and green beans. So then we headed to Central Market because we know their organic selection is good. We were able to score (all organic) bananas, avocado. apples and some pears. It was a good trip. All in all between the two stops we only spent $21. For the amount of meals we will get from all of this produce it actually saves $ vs buying organic canned baby food and even better, it's made by Momma so we know just what is going into Finley's foods, love and all ;)

After produce shopping we went to lunch at Niki Nikos. This was Finley's 2nd time there. She was really interested in Momma's food which made us pretty excited for the night ahead.

After lunch we were worn out so we headed home and I got some housework done and began to make Baby Girl's foods. She took a nice nap and when she awoke it was time for some bananas! Yes, we skipped cereals. The added iron is unnecessary in my opinion and besides the fact that the cereal is just less allergenic and bland I saw no real benefits. If she is allergic to something that we feed her she is going to be allergic to it nomatter what. Feeding cereal first isn't going to prevent that.

So here's how it went! It was a new experience for sure.

I'm not sure if it was that she didn't like bananas or that the whole food in mouth thing was just so new and weird to her. I can't wait to try avocado next but we have to stick with the same food for a few days to make sure there's no reactions. All seems well though. I wonder if the avocado will taste better for her or if we will get the same "what the heck is this" faces. Maybe after having Banana a couple more times she will get used to swallowing this new mush stuff. lol

...and then here is one of Me making all of her first batches. Of course the bananas were easy because you just mash.


  1. bahahaha her face is priceless! Great pictures...I can't wait until my LO tries food, I'll have to take pics too.

  2. Oh my gosh I loooove her faces!!! We are watiting to introduce solids for Liam too, a few more weeks and I think he''l be ready, I can't wait to make him some yummy foods!

  3. Cute pics. What a funny little girl!

    I'm skipping cereal too. :)

  4. So cute. I started a baby food making blog, check it out. ididntbuyjacksquash.blogspot.com.


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