6 Months Old // Things to Remember

Yesterday Finley turned six months old.

It was also her very first Thanksgiving. Joe had to work. We woke up, got ready and headed over to Joe's sisters house. After that we went to my parents. We had our feast and Finley got to take part in the festivities too. She had green beans! Then we all napped! Afterwards, we hung out for a while and headed back to Joe's sisters for a little longer and then back home. When we got home Christina, my best friend, stopped by (she lives in Vegas now but was in town for the day) to bring Finley some clothes she had bought for her. Thanks Aunite Teeny! Then we went to bed.

Today was Joe's birthday.We went non-stop. First to my parents, then to his mom's, then to Sakura for Hibachi, then Hobby Lobby, then home, finally! Joe put together his new grill while Momma decorated the house and the Christmas tree. Then Finley went to bed...a few times. Then Daddy went to bed. I did about a million other things around the house, ordered some Christmas gifts online and now here I am...exhausted!

I'm probably about 70% done with Christmas shopping at this point which is really not normal for me. We didn't even Black Friday shop.

I'll post baby girls six month onesie shots in a few days. Since I work tomorrow, I'll probably snap them a bit late.


Something else that I have been meaning to post. A couple weeks ago another Mama on an online forum that I frequent started a thread on things to remember. I wanted to list a few of my replies. Typing them out totally got me. I'm putting them here for future reference so I don't ever forget these little details about my girl...although the images and sounds will forever play in my mind.

-Her baby stretch. It's gone now, already :( Arms so so high, fists balled, lips straight across, head arched back, bottom lip stuck out.  I adored this. She did it from day one.

-Her "heh heh heh" sound that she would make when she was so eager to nurse. It's also gone. We would always laugh because it was sooo adorable.

-Her "baby talk". It was like she was trying to "talk" extra soft and extra baby like. Little Ahh's and Gaaah's. She would do it oh so quiet and soft. It was like she sweet talk....also gone now.

-Her screeches. They are hardcore and shrill. Most would want to cover their ears but I just love them. We all laugh. The other week at the Nutcracker Market she went on for probably 30 minutes. Everyone was giggling at her.

-The way we both just love staring at and admiring her.

-The time right after waking up in the mornings. She is very quiet and touches all over Mommas face. Hands in my mouth, over my eyes, everywhere. I pretend like I am going to eat her fingers. She laughs.

-Her face mesmerized by mine. She just stares in amazement. She did it for almost a full 30 minutes while facing me in her carrier at the Nutcracker Market. My Mom and thought it was pretty cool.

-Her sleeping face, lips puckered...while I kiss them.


-The way she rushes back to nursing burying herself after briefly pulling away to look around. She also laughs at my face during nursing and gets too distracted to eat, so funny.

All of these things that I mentioned will soon be replaced by new exciting things for us to cherish and remember and I am just so excited about that. It doesn't make me miss them any less though. They are so special to me. I love the memories we are already creating and the ones we will forever be creating with our girl as she grows.

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