We're alive!

I feel like it's been for-ev-ver since I've posted here but in all actuality it's really only been two weeks. Blog neglect. Would you believe I just forgot to post? This blog has been so big to me since pregnancy and what do I do to repay it? Forget all about it for two whole weeks. So there must be an exciting reason for the absence right? Nope. Just life. I've been attempting to get my super Mama/Wife medal, thats all.

So lets catch up. Last time I posted we were headed to Finleys 4 month Pedi visit. All was good. She was 13lb 6 1/2oz and 24 inches long. The plan was to wait until 6 months to start solids but Dr W suggested 5 months now since Finley dropped a few % on the charts, probably just because she sleeps through the night now and is more active. She's still at 42% for weight though and I hardly see that as cause for alarm so I think we'll hold off until around 5 1/2 months. When we do start it should be fun! I think I am already going to start preparing some veggies for her next week and freezing them for when we are ready.

Finley has been going crazy in her jumparoo. She really jumps now!

(last week)

Two nights ago I had her in there and was sitting next to her writing in  her baby book and looked up to this.

Oh and speaking of writing in her baby book, how could I forget that our baby love finally rolled!! It was a few afternoons ago. She did it once and then again two more times. I was so excited I screamed. I swore she was going to be crawling before she ever rolled at the rate she was going. It was just figuring out what to do with that arm under her but she got it. She did back to tummy. Still no tummy to back yet BUT she really dislikes being on her tummy so there isn't a ton of opportunity because we only make her put up with it for so long. When she rolls there she looks like "how did I get like this" and then we have to flip her over a few minutes later when she starts getting fed up.

Her face after the first roll. A messed up pic because I snapped it in a rush but you can tell she's pretty proud of her accomplishment.

Sitting up un assisted is going to be coming very very soon. Right now I can basically just hold out a finger for her to grip and she's good. She can actually do it on her own leaning forward (not with hands touching the ground either) just not totally straight up. I can let her balance straight up for about 2 seconds though. Baby girl's got strong abs! She's been working them for a long while now trying to fight her car seat straps to sit up. lol

Momma has taken on sewing to be able to make Finley cute stuff. I found a pumpkin pillow case dress online for her to wear to the pumpkin patch next week and decided that for what those things cost I need to learn to make them because they seem way easy. Sewing is not as easy as I thought! I have made a pillow so far for her nursery's rocker and am now working on my first baby dress. I sort of think it's the machine I'm using that is a lot of the difficulty though. I guess practice makes perfect and I just need to get the hang of this sewing thing. Lets just say her first dress is going to be interesting. I thought sewing a straight line was supposed to be easy!

Well, It's getting late so that's all for now!

Here's a couple more of my almost 5 month old *sigh* happy girl.


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