Calling all readers!

I wanted to mention a friend of mine and her little boy here.

I met an awesome Lady a few years back through a wedding planning website while we were in the process of planning our weddings. She lives close by. We continued to stay in tough and even meet up every so often still. The last time was right after Finley was born. A few of us girls had a Mommy and Baby dinner meet up.

Her and her Husband had a little boy just over a year ago. He is the sweetest little guy ever! Audric was born with biliary atresia, a rare liver disease. His common bile duct was malformed and he was not able to drain bile. He had a kasai surgery October 13, 2010 to connect his small intestines straight to the liver to help drain bile. This surgery is a bridge to transplant. The kasai can last 30 years or fail immediately. The doctors cannot predict. Most children get a transplant within 5 years. Audric was hospitalized 6 times during his first 12 months with GI bleeds and/or infections. His doctors decided that it was time for a new liver. He was placed on the waiting list and only 12 days later they got the call that a liver was available! Later that day Audric was in surgery getting his new liver!

Even with insurance a transplant is VERY expensive. I wanted to mention this here because I know that many of my blog readers are Parents just like myself. I cannot imagine the feelings that her and her Husband have going on right now and the roller coaster that life has been for them during this time. They not only worry about the health of their precious baby boy but also about such high expenses from the surgery plus some other complications that Audi is now having after surgery. Expenses are piling up. Of course we all know that there is no extent that we will not go to for our children. If you would like to donate to this family to help with some of Audric's expenses I am going to share a link below. Just click HERE. Any amount helps. It all adds up.

You can also go to igive.com and register for FREE. Just type in "Cota For Audric" as your cause and $5 gets donated to his cause. If you shop while logged into the site more $ will be donated. Christmas is just around the corner!

Prayers are also greatly appreciated for his speedy recovery from everything. Thanks so much everyone. I know I have some awesome readers here who will be willing to reach out to this sweet little guy and his loving family!

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