Am I the Mom I thought I'd be?

If you know me you know I'm...particular. Everyone says that about themselves, but really, I am.100% type-A . I like things to be done correctly and in order. If the house isn't clean and the laundry not done, all is not well. I'm always on time and big on schedules. I research anything and everything online and have been like this since I was a pre-teen. So you'd think my Mommy'ing would be the exact same, right? Nope. Maybe to an extent. I still research all things baby...From how to make her foods and when to start feeding solids, to cloth diaper brands. Even colors of baby poop and what it all means. Without researching, I'd  would have been sure that Finley wasn't getting enough milk at two weeks old when really the screaming was just due to a normal growth spurt.

I always assumed before that I'd be a huge worrier about every.little.thing. that had to do with our baby. Not really though. Sleep schedule? Forget it. Tried that for about two days and it caused more stress than good. She sleeps when she sleeps and we are a happy bunch over here. Putting sleep "guidelines" on this type-A Momma was no good...

I've been asked how many times a day she eats. I have no idea! She eats when she's hungry. Usually every three hours. She's breastfeed so I also have NO idea how much she's getting. She's growing fine. She wets/poos her diapers enough. We're good. Yep, me...going with the flow.

She had a little sniffle the other day. I checked her temperature, it was fine. If the pre-baby me could have predicted the future I would have 100% said I would have called the doctor. I didn't. I knew she was fine and that it was probably just from the seasons changing. Sniffle is gone now. All is fine.

Who is this girl? Call it Momma intuition or whatever but I feel more relaxed doing this than I have with anything else. We pretty much have an on demand style of parenting as far as food and sleep and it works for us. I worry when necessary and like any other parent, probably a little more so, but not about the un-necessary stuff like I seem to do in other aspects of life. My Mom has always had a relaxed nature to her when it came to handling situations. I obviously never took after her in that department. We're pretty opposite actually. Maybe Mommy-hood is bringing some of her ways out in me.

One big difference that will hopefully change. I think it will....no, I know it will. I'm spoiling the heck out of her. I was never going to do that. This coming from the Mom who just bought a $17 teething squeaky toy and is in the market for a baby bracelet in white gold. Yes, this will simmer down. After all, they say you cannot spoil a baby. I'm just having my fun before she's old enough to turn rotten.

It's fun seeing our parenting style. The way we are with her. The Parents who said they'd always be stern and discipline their kids. Now, I wonder how the heck we're going to do that. I'm sure we will but I just cant see it right now. Who will be the more strict? Who will be the push over? I totally plan to let Finley read these entries when she's older and I bet this will make her laugh. That's right, she will see that we figured this predicament out. lol

I'm not sure where I'm going with this now. On to rambling. I just often look at myself as a Mom and it brings out attributes that I did not know were there. Also, things in Joe that I just love. We are both in such awe of her that we have a newfound cheesy-ness. It's so hilarious.

I never really knew what to say to kids before, especially ones I didn't know. It was awkward. Maybe I just lacked a certain confidence. Today a little girl approached us at the mall while in the Starbucks line. She was three years old and really interested in Finley. We literally carried on a conversation for a good 3-4 minutes. Oh, and she asked me where my Baby came from too! I told her from my house...as her Mom cringed at her question.

That's all for tonight and for this post since Joe just got home but of course I have to share some new shots of our almost FIVE month old. Four days away to be exact.


  1. It really is amazing how much things change when our babies actually arrive! I have definitely surprised myself with my parenting as well. It sounds like you're doing an incredible job. She's a happy, healthy and growing baby and that's all you can ask for!

    Adorable almost-5-month pictures!

  2. I really loved reading this entry! I'm not a mom yet, but I am like you, very very Type A and a chronic worrier and it makes me worry about what kind of mom I will be...this post kind of gave me hope that you eventually can overcome some of that worry

    Finley is adorable!




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