We have a grabber (& picker upper)!

At dinner two weeks ago my parents commented that F had been grabbing the skirt of her dress a lot...on purpose. Not just normal involuntary baby hand closing on objects. I looked down to realize they were right. At that point she hadn't actually picked any objects up yet. Up until last night....

I went to grab something from the other room and came back to this. The rattle was laying on the floor next to her. I had been trying to get her to pick it up for days and placing it into her little fingers to hold while she shook it BUT no need to hand it to her this time. She picked it up all on her own! Here we go now.... lol

Even though I missed the action of her actually grabbing it, I was able to snap a bunch of pictures of the result ;)


Now grabbing and reaching for things...we got it. See the little mirror behind her? She is obsessed with those little green crinkly feeling leaves on the lady bug in the corner. She even spins the ball which I thought would take some time. We got that toy last week and I'm so glad. I wondered if she would even pay any attention to it at this point because before the lady bug she was just starting to reach for things. She loves it. It's crazy the things that stimulate their little minds and hands! I feel like these toys are already teaching her a bunch. Now when I put it in front of her her hands go straight to it!


Oh oh oh! How could I forget!! This is BIG! I may have mentioned it a month or so ago when my girl had two nights in one week were she slept through the night, a 7ish hour stretch. It was a fluke as I had predicted. Now, she is officially sleeping through the night! I think it's been about a week now!! I'm talking 9-10+ hour stretches without waking up. The first night a couple of days ago it was from 11-7. Last night 11-9! I've been having to wake her up to feed her due to feeling full over the long stretch since I nurse her! Today when I woke her up at 9am it was because I was heading out the door for work and needed to feed her. Even after I wake her to feed she goes right back down. It's like an "asleep feed" really.  Joe said she officially woke up around 11 in the afternoon. Besides her half asleep feed that is 12 hours of sleep. Woo Hoo. She was doing great with only one waking to eat around 5-7am and then going right back down to sleep in but this is even better! How did we get so lucky!?


Oh and I wanted to also throw it in that my girl is 16 weeks old today!! Almost 4 months! Geeeez. Time needs to sloooooow down.



  1. how awesome we are close to sleeping that long those long nights of sleep are such a blessing. Isnt it so neat to see them develop new skills everyday!!

  2. Haha. ;) I just wrote a post about my lil babe grabbing things, too. ;) Funny.


    What a cutie. Can she donate some hair to Mack? ;)


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