A surprise Pedi visit.

Paranoid Momma here.

So the night before last Joe comes home and asks what is on Finley's cheek. Sure enough she had a tiny little bite, almost unnoticeable.  My guess was a mosquito from when we ran outside for 30 seconds to turn off the sprinkler. She was in her ring sling. When we woke up the next morning it looked red and swollen. I figured it was just a normal bite and would heal on it's own but as the day progressed I got paranoid because the little capillaries on her cheek were redder than normal (she has fair thin skin so they show through) so I called the Pedi to see if that was normal. Of course since they could not see if they wanted me to bring her in just to check it out. I knew the whole drive there that it was nothing but still figured we would be cautious. Turns out it is a little allergic reaction to whatever bit her but no big deal. The capillaries getting redder is just from the small bit of swelling. Dr W said she won't give anything for it or have us apply anything because Finley is so young. It's looking better this morning and will probably be nearly gone tomorrow.

The part I've been meaning to get to though, Finley is 12 lbs 14 1/2oz ;) She is 15 weeks...so about 3 1/2 months old. I was excited to get her weight since it's been six weeks since her last weigh in.
She's gained 2 lbs since her two month visit six weeks ago. On that visit she was 10lbs 14oz. She has stayed steady in the 50th percentile.

Dr W said that the ounce a day rule of thumb is starting to waver at this age and now they more or less look for about a pound a month so we are right on track, actually a little more than that. Good to know that the breast feeding is going perfectly but geez our little baby is growing wayy too fast. Who woulda' thought that we would be up the nearly 13 lbs so fast. I was JUST pregnant, lol.

I was also curious if she is tall or not at this point. Dr W looked at her stats from last visit since they didn't measure this time and said her height is pretty average.


Oh and here is a picture of my pretty girl out to eat with us on Daddy's day off last week. Afterwards we went to the Health Museum. It was fun. Although she doesn't understand, she likes seeing the world from her stroller ;)

(click to enlarge to see her cute little tongue sticking out, ha)

See what I mean? She looks way to big girl in this pic.


  1. she's so stinkin cute! love all her hair! has it not fallen out at all yet? sienna's been loosing her's poor girl! it looks hilarious!


  2. Thanks! None if it has fallen out! I so thought it would but now I'm pretty sure it's staying. It's even getting longer in the back, like past her neck! lol


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