FOUR months old!

We have a four month old. When did this happen?

We just love our girl so much. I cannot believe all if the milestones she is reaching and the cool new stuff she does every single day. They all said this would be great but wow...

Now for her four month updates.

She is officially sleeping through the night about 9-12 hours on average. Bed time still varies. Sometimes it will be at 10:30, sometimes midnight. I am totally loving this sleeping all night thing though. She was just waking up once in the early morning (4-6) to eat and passed right back out but she just cut that waking out. She has pretty much always been a good sleeper though besides that one quick waking. She is also still sleeping in out room in her Pack N Play. I always said she would go to her room my about 8 weeks but we are still loving having her close by. I check on her often and still can't imagine moving her to her room yet. As soon as she wakes in the morning I pull her over to feed and cuddle/play and she usually goes down a little while after for a morning/early afternoon nap. It's just easy having her in here for now.

I still nurse. She is getting better at taking her pumped bottles when I am away at work 2 days a week. She is up to 4oz from them. I know she still waits for me though for her big meals. We don't plan to introduce solids until 6 months and we will be making her baby foods on our own.

Oh the sounds! She screams, screeches and does this hoarse yell now. She started a ton of new sounds within the past week and they crack us up. We don't do tummy time as often as we should but man is she a tummy time champ. She holds that head up so high. She has always had good neck control though. Even at the hospital she was trying to hold it up. She sits up un-assisted for a brief second before having to be caught. lol...and she can do a "gorilla style" sit now where she holds herself up with her hands at her side. This morning I discovered her feet where her head should have been in the Pack N Play. She was just looking out the side mesh at me not making a sound. I loved it. Normally her head is in the top corner while her feet are in the other top corner...don't ask me how she does this but it happens. This time though, I couldn't believe she had fully flipped around. No more swaddle blankets now, only sleep sacks. We never really swaddle her tight anyways though, it's just for her warmth and from the waist down. Oh and I think she is getting a little irritated by her infant car seat. Every time I go to get her out or look at her in it she is fighting the chest straps to try and sit up. It is getting so heavy to carry her in that I am already starting to browse convertible seats. Maybe she will like the incline of a convertible seat better since she wants to be sitting up so much! It's just so nice not to have to wake a sleeping baby to take her out of the car seat but like I said it's so heavy now. I have a love/hate relationship with the infant carrier car seat.

I'll be posting her four month onesie sticker pics soon but for now here is some recent photos we have taken.


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