Pierced Ears! & our BUSY week.

Yep, we took the plunge. I actually didn't plan it because I knew I'd wimp out. Today at the Mall I got up the nerve though. I'd rather do it now when she can't remember. Plus she's too little to mess with the new piercings and cause infection. I did that when I was little.

I thought I was either going to run out of the store with her or puke. Yes, I was starting to get sick from the anticipation. Turns out it was worse for me than it was for her! She cried for less than two minutes, was done by the time we left the store, nursed right away in the back seat of the car and was asleep within 15 minutes of having it done. The two month shot cries were far worse than this. I'm glad it's all done and baby girl has her pretty earrings. No worries about getting it done in the future.

She's asleep now so I don't have a picture but will get one soon. Since I didn't plan it, it was a surprise to Daddy too. We'd sort of discussed it so I knew he wasn't against it or anything.

This week has been the busiest ever I must say. Today I shopped for and got a dress for Chris and Kristy's wedding on Saturday. Joe is a Groomsman so I went to pick up his Tux too. I also did Diaper Laundry this morning. Finley is staying with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) while we go to the wedding. I know I'm going to miss her way too much!

Yesterday we grocery shopped. She did so great. Not a peep in her Maya Wrap Ring Sling and she was wide awake most of the time, just looking around so content. She fell asleep just towards the end and didn't even flinch as we were walking to the car and a train passed by (the store is really close to the tracks) and blew the horn twice. It was SO loud that it freaked me out and I immediately got scared for her and covered her ears. Didn't even phase her! I always feel so accomplished after a successful grocery shopping trip with her.

On Tuesday I gave our Dog Duchess a bath and clipped her hair, brushed out all of her knots and applied Frontline. Chloe (our Yorkie) had a bath last week and went to the groomers a few weeks ago so she was good. She doesn't tolerate Frontline so I ordered some Advantage for her. Her grooming is harder for me to do, I can but prefer to just have it done because it takes forever and is a lot of work. With Duchess (our Pom) we like to keep her long and clean it up a bit. I also cleaned the whole house SO good (I'm talking baseboards too) and did all the laundry plus Diapers. This is all thanks to Finley napping great that day. Oh and that night she technically "slept through the night"....7 1/2 hours, from 11:30-7 without waking! She normally wakes once after about 4-5 hours to be fed and goes right back down. I was super shocked and knew it had to be a fluke. I was right because last night it didn't happen again. LOL. But I can now say that my baby girl has in fact STTN before ;) We'll see what happens tonight.

Tomorrow Joe is off so I plan to run up to work to get a spray tan. My dress for Saturday is tan/brownish colored and pale won't look good with it. haha. This will be my first time to have some color in FOREVER. I used to trade out sprays weekly before pregnancy. Now it's just so hard to find the time!

I'm rambling now...but you get the point. It's been a busy and productive week. I'm feeling it. I plan to let my hair down with Joe and good friends at the wedding on Saturday. Only a few drinks though because to me having to feed pumped milk into the next day is just not worth it...but still, we're going to have some fun and I know Grandma is way excited to watch Baby Girl!



  1. Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things. Good job mama.

  2. i also feel so accomplished after going to the grocery store without any meltdowns!!


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