I Was There

Someone recently came across my blog by Googling "two stitch cerclage". Every so often I like to see what funny searches led someone here. This one sort of hit me. That was me not long ago. Frantically researching. Seeing how the cerclage stitch worked for others. If their babies made it. If they were preemies. How early did they come? Comparing cervix measurements too mine. It was a scary point.

That woman who was led here obviously saw that it worked ;) She saw our Baby Girl. I worried just like she probably is right now. It still makes me sad even writing this, looking back on that. So to anyone in that position right now, researching cerclages and crappy cervix's - that comes across this blog, best of luck! I was there and will be again some day. The time goes by faster than you think. Rest up and think positive.

I can't express how worth it that all was. I knew having my baby girl would be amazing but it's even more. Cerclages really do work! Bed rest sucks and seems never ending but now I'm a normal Mom with all that in the past. After having a cerclage the subject seems to come up more and I've learned of lots of other women who've also have had successful cerclages. It's more common than it seems.

On a lighter note someone else came across this blog by searching "butt picture". Yep. I have a post with Finley in a cloth diaper titled "first fluffy butt picture". Stay away pervies....

That's all for now. Here's a new picture of my baby love.



  1. I gave one of my friends the URL to your blog because she is going through the same thing right now! I wanted to give her some insight that everything will be ok and to try not to worry so much!

  2. You are a very strong person! Finley is beautiful!

  3. Glad you sent her over Annamarie. I hope she finds it helpful!

    Thanks so much Angie. She is just so much fun.


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