3 months old & a visit to Daddy's work.

Yep, our little love is officially 3 months old!! Well she was last week ;) I'm a tad late here.

I love this little girl so much. More than words can express. She is just so much fun and doing so many neat things. She pulls herself to sit up and balances herself up with only holding on to one of our thumbs. Give it a month or so and I think she could be sitting up on her own.

She always laughs and cracks up now. When she gets really excited she squeals before the laughs come. It's great. Yesterday when I was feeding her I literally had to look away because eveytime I'd look at her she would just giggle and it was distracting her from eating. Not sure what was so funny on my face because I was totally not egging her on but I sure couldn't help but laugh with her.

She got her Rainforest Jumperoo in on Friday and I thought she may be a little small for it still but she loves the lights and music. She doesn't bounce a bunch yet but she does push her feet againt the floor ( aka-books, lol) a little. She goes in it for short periods of time and is really mesmerized by the lights and music.

She puts her thumb in her mouth now on purpose and not just by chance or on accident anymore. It goes there a lot. This just started within the past few days. Almost at 3 months to the dot actually. It really does make her content. Since she refuses a pacifier I am ok with it for now...I think. Just hope I don't eat my words in a year.

Last night Finley got to go to her Daddy's work for the first time. He'd been wanting her to meet his co-workers so we made reservations to surprise him. I'm not very good at keeping a secret and ended up telling him the plan. It was kind of good though because he was able to choose our servers and table for us ;) We went with Grandma and Grandpa and had a great time. As soon as we got there Joe came to get baby girl to bring her to the kitchen to meet everyone (he is a fine dining Chef for those who don't know). He came out to bring her to Momma pretty fast though. She's never been scared of people before but as soon as he brought her in and people crowded her, her bottom lip popped out and she started to pout. My poor girl was scared! So yeah, they were able to come by the table in smaller numbers to meet her later on. I think the big commotion of her arrival in there just freaked her out. Everyone has heard so much about her they were just excited to meet her and she was a little confused by all the noise and new faces. Here we are enjoying our visit. She was so good.

You can click on them to see Finley better. I wish we would have gotten one with my parents in it but we got distracted with food ;)

I'll be sure to snap a pic of Finley in her jumperoo and post it soon!


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  1. Isn't the jumperoo awesome?! We put Teagan in it for the first time on Sunday night. She loves it! It took her a few minutes to figure out that she can bounce around, but once she did, she hasn't stopped!


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