11 weeks old!

Time is going by so fast. The highlights of my days by far is waking up to this little face.

She still sleeps in her Pack N' Play next to our bed so either she starts making little noises to tell me "Momma get me" or she's still sound asleep and I want to snuggle. I half asleep grab her and put her in the bed with me. She does her stretches, grunting and "hmpth" noises sometimes showering me with her little spits. I love this part of the day. She briefly opens her eyes and gives me big smiles showing me that she loves our morning time too. I change her, feed her & then we keep on snuggling for a while more. Baby girl takes her time waking up and sometimes wants to sleep in longer. Hence the picture above. It's noon and she's decided night time isn't over for her yet. Yes, we love sleeping in. She's not on a normal baby schedule and goes to sleep later than most probably but it works for us right now with Joe's late work schedule. It would be nice if I could get to to sleep a little earlier but she's set her schedule and there's no budging it right now. I love the days when her Daddy is off because he gets to see her cute morning activities.

So how are things at 11 weeks?

Sleep: Like I said before she goes to bed later than a typical baby but it works with Joe's schedule since I too go to bed later. If she went to sleep super early I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get my precious sleeping in time. She wakes up once during the night to eat and be changed, around 5am. It's getting later and later so maybe she'll cut that one awakening out soon enough. I really don't mind it though. I like to get a dry diaper on her butt and relieve the boob since I'm breastfeeding.

Eating: She is a fast and efficient eater. Less than 10 minutes per feed for quite some time now and she's gaining great. Breastfeeding is going great for us and has ever since the initial pain was gone after week two. She definitely prefers to BF rather than have a pumped bottle. She'll only take about 3oz from a bottle (which she rarely gets) and waits for Momma for her big feeds. I just love BF'ing and initially said we'd do it for as long as it worked. Then I said 6 months and am now throwing around 12 months. We'll see...I'm not down with getting bitten though! I just don't see stopping anytime soon. We plan to get a deep freeze for the garage to store more milk. Ours was never even big enough for all the frozen stuff so it really is needed. Plus since I plan to make all of Finley's baby foods when she starts them at 6 months we're going to need more room between that and the stored milk. My Mom and Dad live on land and my Dad has done huge gardens so this fall the garden is going to have a bunch of stuff for Finley. I plan to take part in it and am really excited. Once it cools down baby girl can sit out there with us while we pick and water everything ;) Joe also took a farming class for work (he is in charge of their new fresh ingredient green house they are building in the back of the Restaurant) so he can give some good advice now. We did our Earth Box in the back yard for the summer and plan to get it  re-planted again for the fall too. Baby girl is going to be set on her yummys. I can't wait. 

New achievements: She is just so full of personality. She laughs with me. It's the best thing ever. Last night she was so into it that she had so fight to catch her breath...you know after a good cry how you sometimes get those little involuntary sucking in breaths, a couple in a row, like that. Sometimes before laughing she'll make a squeaking sound as she's sucking in the air. So cute. It's cheesy sounding but her smiles really do warm my heart. New noises come from her every day now. It's like she is trying so hard to talk with us and it's just so adorable. Her head control is good, not perfect yet but close. Still no rolling over and she doesn't seem to have the desire yet. Some have said their babies were crawling before they ever decided to roll over so we'll see. She still hates tummy time but occasionally will tolerate it briefly while kicking around before letting out some shrill screams telling me to pick her up off this floor.

How's Momma? Perfect. I love this gig. Really though. Before having her I think it was hard for some of my friends to picture me as a Mom. I knew it was deep down in there and I think Joe and my Mom probably did too, since they know me best. I was just holding out. How was I supposed to be Motherly without a baby? I was never big fan of kids but being a Mom has changed that. I love all things baby now. I love seeing others babies too. It's crazy. I knew I would transform but wow. Seriously, I love this. Not to sound braggy, maybe I have an easy baby but this comes pretty easy to me. I feel like I was made for this. I love my girl more than words can say. When people ask how Mommyhood is all I can reply is that she's the best thing ever and that isn't even doing her justice. Sure she cries like any other baby and sure it stresses me out sometimes but I can always put things in to perspective. I'll never take this girl for granted. I love looking at her little face and although I hate to loose my tiny baby, it's so exciting seeing her grow every day.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post April :) Sound like mommyhood is treating you well! Your baby girl is VERY cute!

  2. :) I loved this post. I feel the exact same way, and have been composing my "going back to work...maternity leave is over" post in my head for sometime. The feeling of love is so overwhelming, though, that sometimes I'd just rather post a few cute pics. ;)

    What a cutie little Finners is. :) (That's what I call my sis's daughter Finley.)


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