We have a laugher!...& weekend fun.

Yep yesterday morning my baby love laughed at me!

We were getting ready to go to the mall and she was being super grumpy, not too common for the day time.

We were in her room and as I was getting her dressed. She was fussing so I decided to take a break and sit in the rocking chair with her. I had my feet up with her resting on my knees and was talking to her all goofy. It was keeping her attention. I said "don't be a grumpy baby" and she smiled and laughed at me. It was the cutest thing ever. I immediately couldn't wait to tell Daddy but knew he wouldn't believe it unless her saw it with his own eyes so now the task of getting her to do it for him...lol


I think baby girl likes to bum around like her Momma because as soon as she got into the car she was happy as can be. She was wide awake while shopping at the mall and looking all around, no fussing. When we went to Target she napped. Here she is being a happy girl at the mall.

Today Finley went to her first Birthday party. Happy Birthday Wyatt! She was so good and had a great time sitting, looking around, taking it all in and visiting with her friends Rylee and Bradley ;)

Tomorrow Finley, Momma and the pups are off to Grandma and Grandpas for our usual Sunday routine. If the weather is nice we're going with Grandpa to the farmers market for Finleys very first time!

Speaking of the dogs, that reminds me that I wanted to share this! Chloe loves her baby....and no I absolutely did not pose them. I was just sitting on the bed taking on the phone and Chloe did this all on her own! I love that as Finley grows up with Chloe one day I can show her that they were the same size. Aww. This from a dog that I was sure wouldn't want anything to do with a baby.

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