Miss Patriotic

as promised here is Finley on her first July 4th...with Momma.

...and a close-up of her outfit. Looking all patriotic. I swear she didn't sleep the whole time. She did love being outside some of the time though.


Yesterday morning and the night before she had two big throw up's. I'm talking projectile, Exorcist style! So I made her an appointment to go in yesterday since I had already discussed her spitting up with Dr.W and was told to call if it got worse. Dr.W decided to schedule an upper G.I test on her for the next day. Off we went this morning to downtown for the test. Finley was awesome as she drank the white stuff from the bottle and got her X-rays. Not one bit of crying. I attribute that to her appointment being before the time that we are normally up. lol..

All results were great. Luckily there were no problems with her stomach muscle blocking anything and no noticeable GERD or Reflux. The Dr. said that it's probably just a slight bit of reflux occasionally but nothing to treat or anything. That it should subside with time and that we may just have to be prepared for the messes for a little while. As long as it's nothing serious. That's all we really wanted to make sure of.

Since we went in yesterday, they checked her weight. She also turned 6 weeks old yesterday. Her weight went from 8lb 10.5oz to 9lb 2.5oz in exactly ONE week! Yep, she gained about a half a pound in ONE week! I can't believe my baby is over 9lbs now. Up nearly 3lbs from her birth weight already.

Since Joe was off work, after her Dr visit yesterday we headed to the boardwalk for lunch. It was her first and I'm sure of many times to go there. It was so hot so we really didn't get to do much walking around but got way too full from our delicious lunch at Cadillac Grill.

After Finley's G.I test today I had my OB visit to be cleared. Everything is good and I can work out now. Woo hoo! Starting today it's down to business. I've been slacking on eating great since I can't really work out (other than our walks) so now not only am I starting the work out thing but I am getting strict with my eating also. No more junk except for maybe the occasional treat. Joe has been on a mission for almost a month and has really lost some weight and gotten in better shape so I plan to join him now that I really can again. Tonight or tomorrow is the grocery trip to get a good start.

That's all for now. Hope everyone else had a good fourth! Off to go do some tummy time now, her favorite *sarcasm* ;)


  1. She's so big and growing up so fast already, love her outfit!! I'm so happy to read that she's physically perfect, reflux is hard to deal with (Nolan has it) but they will eventually grow out of it. :)

  2. I am seriously jealous of how great you look! Finley is so cute and chubby.


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