Cloth diapering so far

Finley is now in cloth full time as she has grown into all of her cloth now. She actually did a few weeks ago. I don't know why so many people say that lots of one size diapers don't fit until 10ish lbs because with her I would say everything fit around 9 lbs, maybe even less. Maybe it's just her build?

So hows it going? Awesome! I love it. Since baby girl is still little and doesn't seem to be a heavy wetter we've had no problem with leaks so far. I know lots of people put a lot of thought into their night time diapering and with us it's really not an issue right now/yet. Anything in the stash works just  fine.

So the specifics...

-It took me a while to warm up to the prefolds with covers. When I first put one on her I was sure I hated them. They were bulky. Now I find myself using them more during the daytime at home to avoid using up all the pockets. They aren't as convenient for outings but are great for giving us enough in the stash.

-Finley pees and poos very often. I never counted when she was in disposables but wow. She likes a clean diaper to potty in because as soon as we change her she often goes right to work! I find that we go through diapers super fast. I expected to mainly use our pocket diapers with a few prefolds here and there to stretch the time in between washing...nope. We use all 15 pockets and most of our 16 prefolds too. They are nice for when I am doing diaper laundry too.

-Flip covers are my favorite cover hands down. We don't use the Flip inserts but instead a tri folded prefold. In fact tri fold is the only one we do currently. I like the ease of it. Flip have a nice stretch to them that I also really like. The Thirsties ones are fine too as well as the Kawaii covers. Not so much a fan of Grovia as a cover since it has a mesh inside so I feel like it's only good for one use.

-I know a lot of people like fitteds with a cover but I just cannot see spending the $$ that fitteds cost and still having to use a cover. Yes, you can get cheaper fitteds but I'd rather just spend the cash on a pocket, seems so much easier. I'm not in the camp that would use a fitted without a cover around the house. This scares me...what if it seeps through? No thanks. Maybe I'm just missing the appeal of fitteds? I guess maybe that they are trimmer than prefolds...but for the extra price that's not enough reason for me.

-I can't really decide on a favorite pocket diaper as of now. They all work well for us. Surprisingly I had a bit of buyers remorse from buying a Tweedlebug diaper after reading the so-so reviews but I really do like it and actually do like that it has openings in both the front and back. I like our Bum Geniuses and Rumparooz but honestly the way cheaper Sunbabys work just as well for us right now. In fact I just put in an order for 7 more. Kawaii is nice but I find it a bit more bulkier than any of our other pockets...great for night time if you have a heavy wetter though. I am sure as Finley grows it won't appear so bulky on her. The Bum Geniuses seem trimmer than other pockets which I like and they are a good fit for Finley.

-I've been hearing good things about Oh Katy pockets and plan to order one to try out probably on Monday since hopefully my next Swagbucks certificate will be awarded. The pocket opening is in the front rather than the back and they have rave reviews. Aside from using Swagbucks on Amazon I can't see buying any more expensive pockets for now since the cheaper priced Sunbabys are working well. I mayyyy order a few more BG's though..maybe.

-Hopefully with our 8 new pockets soon to be coming in I won't have to be on such a strict laundry schedule. The prints coming in are too cute so I'm pretty excited.

-We have no rashes so far but I ordered some CJ's butter just in case. Stuff smells delish! Go get you some. The .5oz samples are super affordable. I ordered Pixie Pie and Orange Vanilla. Just be careful when sniffing them if they have been in the hot weather, they melt. It may just spill in your hair and down your neck ;) I also ordered some wipe solution from the same sample site and am in love with that too. It too smells yummy and I will for sure be getting more. The sample sized meltable hearts make 8 cups of solution. I used an old contact solution bottle to store it in Finley's diaper bag and some peri bottles for at home use.

-I seriously considered getting some Best Bottoms. It's an All in Two system. I had heard good things but then after reading reviews, it seems that you either love em' or hate em'. Quite a few said they were a horrible fit. I've heard they are trim though too which appealed to me. Finally I decided not to risk it. I don't want to end up being one of the ones who hates them

-Rockin Green detergent. Uggh. I am not a fan. I find that the diapers don't smell clean with this stuff. Almost musty? It's almost like I have to dry them in the dryer to air out the must. I totally want to line dry but when doing so after using this detergent they don't smell clean. I upped it to an additional two scoops (double the recommendation) and am using Calgon to soften our water because that may be part of the problem but plan to switch after this bag is done...which won't be long with having to use double. I think I might try Dropps next. It's got good reviews, is CD safe and can be bought at Target rather than having to order online. I do a cold rinse, long hot wash and and additional cold rinse.

-We have mostly all snaps and a few velcro closure diapers. Of course the velcro is easier and I kind of prefer it but still plan to only buy snaps. They aren't as easy in my opinion but I feel like they stay nicer looking longer. Velcro can get sort of ratty with time. Plus snaps are more baby proof in case she decides she wants to try and take off her diapers when she gets bigger.

Okay so this is getting long and I'm rambling. I would like to post a picture of Finley in one again but she is currently on my lap sleeping with a onesie covering it up and I am not waking a sleeping baby ;)

So to any other CD'ing Mom's reading-What's working for you? What do you love? I may just have to try out some suggestions!.....Wait didn't I just say I wasn't buying an ymore for a while? LOL

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